Men's Top List of Unromantic Things

Men's Top List of Unromantic ThingsWomen are crazy about different romantic stuff seen in movies and read in books, and they want to use the scenarios they really like in everyday life. Think twice before you do it, because it may sound romantic to you, but not to your man. Here is men's top list of unromantic things , that women think to be romantic.

You might have seen in many movies, how the couple takes shower together. It's so sweet, you may think and next time you grab your boyfriend early in the morning to take shower together. First of all think, that you need to have a huge bathtub or big enough shower cabin to fit two grownups at the same time. Let's face the truth: not many people live in such houses. Second, men and women have different bathing procedures, and some of them may be disgusting for partner. Third, it's very slippery to make love in shower. Who told you that love has to be a hazardous affair? Next time when you think about anything involving two of your in your bathroom, forget about it for the sake of real romance.

Another women's dream is cuddling after sex. Men never understand it, because they want to sleep after sex. Women, on the other hand, decide to talk about some very romantic things that men are dread about. If you really want to talk about something serious to your boyfriend or husband, then leave it for breakfast, when he has a cup of strong coffee.

Most men are really embarrassed by names their women given them, like hun, sweetie or baby. Especially, if women call them like that in public. It sounds that neither you, nor your man didn't get over the teenage obsession. However, there are some men that really like, but in general – don't call your man like that.

Men are very often shy to show their affection in public. Yes, you've seen thousands of couples who hold hands together or kiss, but don't make your man do the same, if he doesn't want to. If your man is shy, then only alcohol can change the situation.

Women love sharing pictures of their private life in social media, while men find it a bit embarrassing. They want to keep those pictures where you kiss or hug away from other eyes, and you share them literary with the whole world. Did you receive the permission do this from your man? If no, then don't do it. Men don't find it romantic.

You see that there are many things women do, that is totally unromantic for men. At the same time men are very often “the most unromantic” persons of year. They do a number of things they find to be romantic, when women don't. For example, bringing a flower in a pot instead of a bunch (then they don't need to buy flowers any more), making their women buy presents for themselves, or cooking BBQ ribs for Mother's Day. Some men are really terrible, however, it would be really boring to live without them!



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