How to Avoid Having a Boring Wedding

How to Avoid Having a Boring WeddingThere are a lot of wedding traditions that have accumulated over the years. They make planning the wedding easier, but some couples find traditional weddings boring and predictable. How to avoid having a boring wedding?

Do only those traditions that really matter. All wedding traditions have a meaning, although this meaning is sometimes forgotten. For example, the tradition of giving away the bride dates back to the days when women were considered the property of their father and then their husband. That is why a lot of modern brides don't like it and opt for alternatives. Remember that you can forgo any wedding tradition if your find it inappropriate or plain boring. Don't do anything just because other people do it.

Remember that the wedding is about you. Going out of their way to please their guests, the bride and groom often forget that it is their big day. If the happy couple enjoys the wedding, the guests will be happy to. So don't to stuff because your guests expect you to do it. It is your wedding and you can do whatever you want.

Have an informal reception. If your parents insist on a traditional ceremony and you don't want to fight with them, you can compromise. Have a traditional wedding ceremony followed by an informal reception where you can have all the fun you want. Just don't let your parents pressure you into doing wedding traditions that don't line up with your principles and beliefs.

Make your wedding ceremony uniquely you. A lot of celebrants say the same things at each wedding. If you don't want to have a boring wedding, you need to find a celebrant that will agree to make your wedding ceremony unique. We also suggest that you write your own wedding vows that reflect your personalities, principles, culture, and beliefs. Remember that your relationship is special and unique, and your wedding ceremony should reflect this.

Stick to your schedule. A lot of weddings are boring because the bride and groom are constantly late and the guests are left waiting. Make sure that you stick to your schedule at all times and that your guests are entertained when you are not around. By the way, you can engage the guests by scheduling a group activity. For example, you can attend an amusement park, have fun together and take a lot of great photos.

Make it bright. A lot of brides opt for a traditional white gown, but you don't have to wear a white dress if you don't want to. A bright dress will surely make your wedding less boring. The groom can wear a matching tie and pocket square. Just make sure that the color of the dress doesn't clash with your wedding's color scheme. If you want to wear a white dress, you can add some color by wearing a bright sash adn/or bright shoes. An unusual wedding bouquet will also do the job.



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