Alternative Ideas for the Unity Candle Ceremony

Alternative Ideas for the Unity Candle CeremonyThe unity candle is a traditional wedding ceremony. It's very romantic and perfect for Christian weddings. But being traditional is dull, you want to make your own wedding ceremony unique, that's why you're looking for alternative ideas for the unity candle ceremony. We've prepared the best ideas for you to choose from.

Reverse candle ceremony. This is the best unity ceremony that you can have. It's a reversed version of the unity candle ceremony, where every guest is included. We recommend this ceremony for evening weddings or weddings held at dim places. The candle light slowly filling in the room looks amazing. The beginning of the ceremony is the same: the bride and groom light one candle. But then they take their own candles and light the candles of other guests, beginning from the maid of honor and best man. They pass the light of love to other guests. If there are many guests during the ceremony, then the bride and groom go along the isles to light the candles of other people.

Sand ceremony. This is a very popular alternative to the unity candle ceremony. The groom and bride have their own containers with sand of different colors (these can be colors of your wedding). They start combining two colors of sand in one container to create a unique pattern. The way the sand of two different colors is mixed in one container, the way the lives and hearts of the bride and groom are entwined. The container with the sand can be kept till the end of life and it will always remind about the wedding day.

Water ceremony. Unlike sand, water really blends and changes its color, thus symbolizing the unification of two hearts. You can use the sand ceremony containers for water ceremony. By the way, we suggest you trying mixing different shades of water to know what color you will get. It won't be very nice if you mix two different colors and have water of the color of mud.

Wine ceremony. It's almost the same as water ceremony, but instead of water you have wine. The bride and the groom pour wine into one container from their glasses, and then together drink wine from the shared container. Make this ceremony unique by mixing red and white wine.

Wine box ceremony. During the ceremony the bride and groom seal a bottle of wine in a special box. Before the sealing they write letters to each other, explaining their love. The box should be opened on the anniversary (make deal which one it will be) or during hard times, when you and your spouse have an argument. Drinking wine and reading these letters will remind you about your feelings you have today. After opening the box don't forget to write new letters and put a new bottle of wine.

Flower ceremony. Rose is a symbol of love, and giving a rose to each other means expression of your feelings. The rose ceremony is one of the most popular from the flower ceremonies. The groom and bride swap their roses before they place them together into a vase. Every family member, who wants to participate in the ceremony, also has a rose and puts it in the vase after the bride and groom do it.

Planting a tree. It's the most physical manifestation of your love. You will see how your tree grows along with the growth of your relations and love. Take two containers of soil and combine it to pant a tree. Water the tree with two watering cans or one shared can.

Feet washing ceremony. It's a beautiful alternative idea for a Christian wedding, symbolizing your will to serve, being thoughtful and humble. You need a beautiful pitcher with a little water in it, a sponge and a bowl. The groom and bride take their shoes off, then place feet in the pitcher. One wets the sponge and then lightly washes the feet of the other, dries feet with a towel, then the roles are changed. Make this ceremony unique by ordering monogrammed towels.



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