8 Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding

8 Tips for Planning a Beach WeddingBeach weddings are incredibly romantic, but they are typically a bit harder to plan than regular ones. If you want your wedding to go off without a hitch, you need to start planning it in advance and keep some important things in mind. Here are some tips for planning a beach wedding.

Choose the proper date. If you decide to get married in the midst of the holiday season, you will find out that beaches are very busy. It is more reasonable to pick a date off-season. Besides, you need to contact the owner if you want to get married on a private beach or get a permit if you choose a public beach. This should be done in advance. It is also important to visit the place before wedding to know what you will have to work with.

Choose the proper time. Timing is very important for outdoor weddings. Mid-day sun or evening chill can make everyone feel uncomfortable, and you definitely don't want that. Besides, lighting is important for wedding photos. It is recommended that you end the ceremony about an hour before the sunset.

Dress accordingly. Keep your dress light and your hairstyle simple. You will want to ditch high heels, heavy makeup and the veil because they don't mix well with sand, heat and wind, accordingly. Let the groom and guests dress more informal, too. There is a million ways to dress nice but venue-appropriate.

Make colors pop. Although having a see-themed wedding on a beach might seem like a great idea, your decorations should not blend in with the landscape. Don't be afraid to pick bright colors for your wedding palette.

Help your guests prepare. Make sure your guests know they will need hats, sunglasses and comfortable shoes. It is a good idea to make welcome bags containing water battles, travel-size bottles of sunscreen, flip-flops, and hand-held fans. A shoe stand and refreshment tables can serve as an alternative to individual welcome bags. Blankets and/or pashminas might come in handy in case the weather turns cold.

Don't forget about microphones. The sounds of crashing ocean waves will make it hard for guests to hear anything, so you will need at least one microphone to make sure that the attendees hear the officiant's words and your wedding vows.

Have a back-up plan. A back-up plan is a must for any outdoor wedding. The weather is unpredictable, so you must be ready for anything. You need to have an indoor alternative to the beach or at least invest into a large tent or a canopy.

Keep calm. Beach weddings are more unpredictable than regular ones because of the weather, so don't get obsessed over small details and don't freak out if things don't go according to the plan. You still get to marry the love of your life, so don't let little mishaps ruin your big day.



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