What to Do If Your Ex Doesn't Leave You Alone

What to Do If Your Ex Doesn't Leave You AloneYour relationship is over and both of you are supposed to move on. But your ex just can't let you go. They keep stalking you, calling and begging to come back or even threaten that they will suicide. So what should you do if your ex doesn't leave you alone?

Did you ever think why your ex behaves like that? The reason is not that they don't want you to move on. They just feel more miserable than you do and perfectly understand it. By stalking you your ex thinks, that it's the last chance to get back to you and be with you, and if you answer or do anything for them just because you feel bad for them, you do the things even worse. Stop it!

The first thing that you should do is to talk to your ex. Sometimes a direct conversation is what they need. Don't try to be very nice and polite, just tell your ex that you move on and your relations are over. Your final "No" should make the situation clear for your ex.

Stop talking and meeting with your ex. Don't pick up the phone and never answer the messages your ex sends you. You shouldn't also see your ex, that's why don't go to places where you could meet. If your ex is stalking you and hangs out in places where you're likely to show up, don't pay any attention to them. And if your ex is bothering you, then ask them to go away. Don't freak out during the conversation, because your ex will use your emotions against you.

Sometimes ignoring also helps. Some people can't get the message from the first time. They keep trying, but when they see that their moves have no effect, they calm down. You ex might be one of this kind and after a while they will leave you alone.

Even if you feel very bad for your ex, never agree to do anything for them. For instance, your ex calls you when they feel very sad and want just to talk to you. At some point your conversations may grow into something bigger. Your ex will start calling you, when they want sex, or will ask you to hang out together. Even if your ex threatens you, that they will suicide if you don't go with them, don't do anything. You're not responsible for the happiness of your ex any more.

Although you need to ignore your ex, don't ignore the situation. Mentally sick people (like control freaks, abusers, manipulators) never let their ex go. They don't accept “No” as your answer, because they need everything to be only their way. Ignoring the situation won't make anything, that's why you need to ask for help.

Use authorities who can help you in this situation. For instance, they can be parents of your ex, or principal. See how they can help you. Still doesn't work? Then visit your local court clerk and investigate getting a restraining order. Getting the order doesn't mean that your ex won't stalk you any more. They will, but now it will be illegal. And when they cross the boundaries or trespass, then it's easier to arrest them for any crimes they commit against you.

No matter how crazy your ex behaves, remember, it's not because you did something wrong. It's only about your ex, not about you.



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