Why Is He Sending You Mixed Signals?

Why Is He Sending You Mixed Signals?They say that women have a reputation for sending mixed signals, but guys can be hot and cold, too, at least according to Katy Perry. First he constantly texts you for days, and then disappears from your radar for a week. He touches you a lot, but doesn't make a move. What the hell is wrong with the guy? Why is he sending you mixed signals?

He is not sure you are the one. If the guy is not looking for a casual relationship, he may need time and space to make sure the relationship with you is worth pursuing. Maybe you have many things in common but little chemistry (or vice versa) and he is just trying to figure out if he still wants to try being with you. Or the harshest variant: he knows you are not the one, but he is keeping you around as the next best thing.

He is friend zoning you. You got him wrong. He doesn't want a relationship, he just wants to make a new friend. Or he was thinking about a relationship, but now he thinks you will be better as friends. He wasn't flirting with you, he was just being friendly. Spending much time with friends and constantly texting them is a common thing. And what with all the touching? Well, maybe he's just a very physical person.

He is just shy/self-conscious/unsure. Not all the guys are blunt and straightforward. They can be shy, too! Maybe he can't believe that a girl like you can want a guy like him. Or he's afraid of rejection. Or he's just trying the waters. Sometimes shy guys don't even realize they are sending mixed signals. Maybe all you need to do is encourage him a little and show that you are really interested.

He got sidetracked. You are not the only thing in his life. Maybe he just has too much on his plate right now to dedicate time to you – a demanding job, family issues, a friend who needs his support, etc. Of course, disappearing without any explanation is not a good thing to do, but it happens.

He wants attention. Women are not the only ones who like to play hard to get. Guys can behave like that as well. Being hot and cold is one of the ways to get attention. We don't say that it is right, but some people use this tactics. Maybe he's an attention whore, maybe he's just lonely and doesn't know a better way to attract people's attention.

He doesn't want a serious relationship. Maybe he just wants sex, maybe he doesn't want commitment, maybe he's on the rebound. He kind of wants to be with you, at least for now, but he doesn't want to put too much effort because he already knows this relationship won't last.



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