How to Cope With Your Feelings When Your Ex Moves On

How to Cope With Your Feelings When Your Ex Moves OnYour relationship is over and you still miss your ex, but suddenly you find out that they've moved on and started a new relationship. How can it be so fast? Did you mean nothing and your love was foolish? What should you do now and how can you cope with your feelings when your ex moves on?

Accept your emotions. It's natural to have mixed emotions about the news that you're ex is moving on, especially, if you're still not over them. Before you decide to do anything, like picking up the phone and calling your ex, relax and think it over. Let your emotions calm down.

Write your emotions down. Writing is one of the ways that can help you understand and cope with your emotions. Write down in your diary what you feel and why you feel so bad. You will see that you feel much better and revealed.

Talk to your best friend. In case writing your emotions down didn't help, then have somebody to talk to. For instance, it can be your best friend, who knows how much you suffer after the breakup and miss your ex. Now it's time to cry one more time. Although crying out might be everything you need right now, don't forget to have fun. Enjoy the time you spend with your friend and cook something delicious!

Stop following your boyfriend. It's the right time to stop friendship with your ex on Facebook or following them on Twitter and Instagram. By the way, also don't show up at your ex's house at time when they are going to come back (yes, we all did it). It won't give you anything, but the feeling of resentment and shame.

Don't take it personally. We understand that you might want to find out more about the new date of your ex. And when you learn more, don't compare them to you. Don't take the choice of your boyfriend personally, because it has nothing to do with you, even if their new date has the same color or hair as you do. Your relationship is over.

Don't analyze the amount of time that has passed. Some people move on very quickly, while others decide to wait for a long time to cope with their feelings and emotions. It's also possible that your ex decided to start new relations in order to get over you. Well, it's possible, but it's not the best way to go.

Don't compete. Your ex moves on, is it your turn to do something special? No, it's definitely not. Don't start dating a new person to show your ex that you're not worse then them. Live your own life and enjoy it. You will meet your love when you will be ready for it, and who knows, how the relations of your ex with his new date will end?



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