7 Things You Should Never Say to Yourself

7 Things You Should Never Say to YourselfEveryone talks to themselves (internally). Self-talk is completely normal as long as you do it consciously and don't hear audible voices that are not your own. However, you should know that self-talk can be positive and negative. Negative self-talk is bad for your self-esteem. Here are seven things you should never say to yourself.

“I'm so stupid.” No, you're not. Perhaps you did something idiotic but that doesn't mean that you're a stupid person. Everyone has the right to screw up. Of course, you should admit your mistakes, but you need to remember that you are more than the mistakes you made. Instead of saying that you're stupid, say “I screwed up, but I'm not defined by my mishaps.”

“I'm not good enough.” Nonsense. The feeling of not being good enough stems from comparing yourself to other people. You need to understand that comparing yourself to others makes you miserable. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, good and bad traits. Everyone is unique and everyone deserves love and respect.

“I can't do it.” You can never know till you try! And if you don't try, you'll keep wondering what would happen if you did. If you doubt your abilities and consider the race lost before it even starts, you will never achieve anything.

“Why do bad things always happen to me?” Sadly, there are things that we cannot control. Sometimes bad things just happen, and we can do nothing to prevent them. However, if bad things seem to happen to you all the time, you probably focus on them too much and don't notice all the good things that happen to you. Remember that every cloud has a silver lining.

“I hate myself.” Hate is a very strong word. You really shouldn't apply it to anyone, especially to yourself. You need to take yourself for who you are. If you don't love and respect yourself, it will be hard to earn other people's love and respect.

“No one will ever love me.” If you don't have a significant other (yet) that doesn't mean that no one loves you. You have friends and family, right? And as far as romantic love is concerned, we are sure you will eventually find your special person. Remember that everyone deserves to be loved.

“I am alone.” Almost everyone feels lonely from time to time but no one is truly alone. If you are feeling sad and need a shoulder to cry on, don't be afraid to reach out to your friends and family. There is nothing wrong in asking for help and support. There is always someone who cares. When you let them help you, the feeling of loneliness will go away.



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