5 Reasons Why Dating Someone Else Isn't a Good Idea to Get Over Your Ex

5 Reasons Why Dating Someone Else Isn't a Good Idea to Get Over Your ExYou've been dumped and your heart aches. You miss your ex and would like to bring back your relations, but it's over. It's time for both of you to move on, and the first thing you might choose is to date someone else to get over your ex. But wait a minute, do you really think that it's a good idea? We give you five reasons why you shouldn't do it.

There are many tips how to get over ex, and one of them is dating. Normally you have to feel yourself ready to date a new person. It might take just a couple of months or two years, especially if your relations lasted for a long period of time. And now you read or hear a tip to date someone. And you think, why don't you really do it?

Well, in fact you can have some fun and, may be, this way to forget about your grieve. But dating someone doesn't mean that you have to start new serious relations. Having a couple of dates will make you feel better and raise your self-esteem. But it's possible only then, when you don't get these relations too serious.

By the way, think about the second side. Is it fair to them? Even if it doesn't convince you, then here are 5 reasons why dating someone else to get over your ex is a bad idea.

#1 You can rush into the wrong relations. You're needy for emotional attraction and you agree to date person who is not right for you. Your new partner might disappoint you, because they don't meet your expectations. Or you are trying to build a new romance so hard, that make your partner to leave you. Then you will be disparate because your relations are unsuccessful. Again.

#2 You don't learn your mistakes. Every relations teach us something new. Did you learn your mistake and understand what was wrong? What could you do to make your new relations better? If you start dating someone new after a breakup, you just don't have time to understand it. And again you will make the same mistakes in your new relationship.

#3 You don't have time to grieve. Grieving is natural way to cope with emotions and stress. Yes, it's not fun, but stacking your grief down and pretending that it doesn't exist is also not a way out. Burying your feelings isn't a good thing for you. So grieve and only then move on.

#4 You can't be on your own. Being on their own is almost perfect for someone, while others really can't survive even a week without their partners. Being on your own is a vital thing for you to understand, that you can definitely survive without your partner.

#5 You don't rebuild confidence in yourself. Getting over your ex requires you to be confident in your own strength and attractiveness. If you're not confident, you won't be happy in love. The shadow of your past will be always falling on your present and you won't be able to get rid of feeling that you're not good enough for new relations.



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