How to Choose a Wedding DJ

How to Choose a Wedding DJChoosing a wedding DJ is an important decision because music sets the mood for the event. Making sure that he or she is a professional is not enough. If you have different taste in music and just don't click, you won't work well together. Here are some tips for choosing a wedding DJ.

Use referrals. Googling DJs that work in your area is the easiest approach to the task, but how can you be sure that DJs you've found are actually good? We recommend that you ask friends and relatives who have recently had or attended a wedding for recommendations. Of course, you should to ask people whom you really trust.

Consider your budget. As with any other wedding professional, there are expensive DJs and relatively cheap DJs. Think about how much you are ready to pay the DJ and stick to your wedding budget. We are sure you will be able to find good DJ within your preferable price range. However, we will recommend against choosing the cheapest one. If the price is too low, it is suspicious.

Do your research. Many DJs have a page on and/or upload videos of their gigs on YouTube. You absolutely should check them out. And don't forget to Google some client reviews and references.

Meet them in person. Once you've narrowed down the list of potential candidates, you need to meet and interview each of them before making the final decision. Before making an appointment, make sure the DJ is available on your wedding date. If not, there is no point in meeting them.

There are a lot of questions you should ask a potential DJ during the meeting. We've made a sample list, you are free to add other questions to it.

  • Why did you become a DJ? How long have you been working?
  • Are weddings your primary focus? How many weddings have you DJed?
  • How would you describe you style?
  • What are your most and least favorite wedding songs?
  • Can you provide suggestions for our wedding song list?
  • Do you work alone or have an assistant?
  • Do you do both ceremonies and receptions?
  • How do you handle song requests?
  • How do you encourage shy guests to dance?
  • What is your typical attire?
  • Have you ever worked in our venue?
  • How much time to you need to set up?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • etc.

Trust your instincts. Experience and professionalism are important, but they are not the only thing that matters. Every DJ has their own personal style. You need to make sure that his or her style is compatible with your and your guests' tastes. If you really like the DJ even though they don't have much experience or stellar recommendations, go with him or her. Gut feelings rarely lie.

Check out their equipment. The quality and the condition of the equipment your DJ is going to use are extremely important. They probably won't be able to show their equipment during the first meeting, but you can ask to show you photos of their setup. You also need to make sure they have a back-up plane in case of emergency.



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