4 Nice Surprise Ideas for Your Boyfriend

4 Nice Surprise Ideas for Your BoyfriendGirls are used to think that it's usually men who have to make any surprises to keep the relations going. Romantic dinner, going out or a special event – everything is prepared by your boyfriend. However, as your relations grow stronger, you start thinking about special surprises for your second half, too. Well, we've prepared 4 nice surprise ideas for your boyfriend.

#1 Food. Whenever your boyfriend wants to surprise you or please you, he plans a dinner at a restaurant. But if you want to surprise your second half, then you should cook something special. Stick to traditional foods, because men usually don't like exotic dishes.

If you're not very good at cooking, you'd better think about honing up your skills. Your boyfriend might not tell it, but you're certainly going to lose brownie points if your cooking doesn't appeal to his taste.

What can you cook? Well, it's your choice. You can bake a heart-shaped cake or cook his favorite dish for a romantic dinner, even if it's a cheesy pizza or a huge chunk of steak.

#2 Sport. Most guys enjoy watching or playing a particular sport. Playing video games is also common for many guys. If you want to make your boyfriend happy as a kid, then give him a sports gear that he needs or wants. Men so much love sports, that nothing feels them better than a sporty gift.

#3 Little nice things. Small surprises will make the day of your boyfriend brighter and more exciting. There are thousands of great ideas you can use, but we would recommend you stick to envelops. They are small and cute, and you can put in them little pleasing things. We give you two ideas regarding envelope surprises.

Make 7 envelopes for 7 days. Put into each envelope something that your boyfriend would appreciate: small snacks, love letter, a ticket to a show your boyfriend would like to see. Use the envelopes during the week, and your boyfriend will have the most exciting week ever!

Your boyfriend needs you not only when he's happy. There are plenty of situations when he would like to have you near him. Provide your support by special love letters in envelopes. Write on every envelope “Open when...” and think about the occasion, like a bad day, a great day or he just misses you. There can be as many envelopes as you want, and make sure that your boyfriend reads the letters in a right occasion.

#4 Sex. Men are highly sexual by nature and you know it. Make a sexual surprise for your boyfriend and he will never forget it. A Sexy tease, a sensual massage, a lap dance, a sexy lingerie, a new toy... The list can be continued, and your creativity can take a new meaning when it comes to pleasuring your boyfriend.

Surprises are always great, but they work better when they are done out of the blue, instead of a special occasion!



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