7 Signs You Are Being Catfished

7 Signs You Are Being CatfishedCatfishing is one of the perils of online dating. This term refers to hiding who you really are to trick people into online relationships (emotional or romantic) out of boredom, loneliness, curiosity or revenge. Do you have any suspicions that your online acquaintance is using a false identity? Here are seven signs you are being catfished.

Sign #1. They're to good to be true. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is not true. People who catfish typically create picture perfect fake identities. They are smart, funny and good-looking, they've got a good education and have a well-paid job. Their photos are absolutely stunning and taken by professional photographers. They don't have any flaws (maybe a few charming quirks, but that's it).

Sign #2. They don't share personal information or it doesn't add up. If they have no pictures with friends or selfies, don't disclose any personal details, don't mention anything about their social life, etc., they might be using a false identity. Or maybe they're just cautious, but why meet people online if you're afraid of telling them anything? If they share bits of personal information, but it doesn't add up, it's likely a sign they are telling lies.

Sign #3. They've fallen for you too fast. If your online relationship is moving way too fast and they are saying they love you, you should be careful. Maybe they don't confess their undying love yet, but you should be suspicious if they are being too affectionate, start using pet names, try sexting etc.

Sign #4. They don't have a Facebook profile or have too little friends on Facebook. When you've met someone online, Google them and do your research. If they have no social media profiles, their identity is probably fake. If they have a Facebook profile but have minimal friends, it's suspicious, too.

Sign #5. You've never talked to them on the phone/video-chatted. If they emphatically avoid letting you hear and/or see them, you have every right to get suspicious. When you really like someone, it's natural to want to talk to them. If they can find time to text or IM you, but can't find a minute to give you a call, they probably have something to hide.

Sign #6. They are hesitant to meet IRL and/or cancel planned meetings. Not wanting or being able to meet in person is a big sign that they are using a false identity, especially if you have never talked on the phone and video-chatted. Many people who catfish claim that they live out of state or in a foreign country to avoid meeting IRL.

Sign #7. You have a gut feeling. Even though everything seems okay, you have this gut feeling that something isn't right. It's a sign that you might be catfished. We suggest that you seek a second opinion and ask your friends. If they feel suspicious about your online acquaintance as well, you can start worrying.



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