How to Deal With Mixed Signals

How to Deal With Mixed SignalsSo, the guy is sending you mixed signals. Yesterday he texted you every half hour, and today he seems to have forgotten about your existence. He's hot and cold, and it's confusing and infuriating. How to handle this situation? Here are some tips for dealing with mixed signals from a guy.

Don't assume anything. Are you sure the guy is sending you mixed signals? Maybe he's not into you and just wants to be friends, and you are indulging in wishful thinking. You need to stand back and look at the situation objectively before trying to handle it.

Ask for a second opinion. If you're not sure about whether he is sending you mixed signals, get a second opinion. Next time you are going to hang out together, invite a friend you trust along and get her opinion afterwards. Maybe she'll help clarify the situation. You can also try talking to his friends.

Try to figure out the reason, but don't jump to conclusions. There are many reasons why guys are sending mixed signals. Maybe he's self-conscious, maybe he's not sure you're the one, maybe he's just an attention whore. Try to figure out his motivation, but don't waste too much energy trying to understand his behavior, because you can't read minds. Time will show.

Don't take it personally. You've done nothing wrong, so don't blame yourself for his behavior. If he decided not to pursue this relationship, he could have told you instead of sending you mixed signals. Don't get upset about the guy, he doesn't deserve it.

Back off. If you start being clingy and demanding, the guy will definitely not appreciate it, even if he's into you. Give him some time and space. If he really likes you, he will eventually contact you, and you'll be able to talk about whatever made him keep his distance.

Learn to play his game and challenge him. If he can send you mixed signals, so can you! Try to throw him off using his own methods. The next time he tries to flirt with you, don't flirt back and ignore his advances. Don't try to win his affection, make him want to win yours.

Just ask him. If you don't want to waste your time wondering about his motives, just man up and ask him about his intentions without being pushy. Communication is the key to a successful relationship, and if you do want to pursue a relationship with this guy, you might as well start communicating right now.

Know when to walk away. If he keeps sending you mixed signals, decide if you really want to deal with it. He's probably just trying to manipulate you or is keeping you around as a backup. You deserve better than this. So walk away from him, keep your head high and don't let it ruin your self-confidence.



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