Cool Date Ideas Without Spending Money

Cool Date Ideas Without Spending MoneyGoing on dates is exciting, but sometimes it's very expensive, especially if you can't think up anything but a dinner date. However, there are many date ideas without spending money and you can use them for free. Even if you don't have job and you are on a tight budget, you can impress you date and spend a great time together.

Here are our favorite ideas for dates, that will not cost you a thing.

Free concert. There are many free concerts and theater shows during summer, and you have to find them. You can make the date special by bringing a nice blanket and some delicious food.

Movie night. Choose two movies and ask your date to bring two more. Many cinemas will give you the popcorn leftovers for free, if you ask nicely. Enjoy the movies and popcorn all night long!

Picnic. Organize a great picnic for two of you. Bring some food (by the way, you can ask your date to prepare it, and you will be responsible for entertainment) and enjoy the time together. Take your favorite table game to the picnic or play Truth or Dare to pass time with your date. By the way, if you want a romantic date, then organize a picnic at local park at sunset, and later you may go stargazing.

Bonfire in your backyard. You can have a great date in your backyard too. Make a bonfire and prepare the ingredients for s'mores. The marshmallows will be roasting while you're playing guitar.

Biking. Take your bikes and go for a date on a bike. Plan a route and think about the stops that will offer you spending some time alone.

Game night. It's an ideal idea for the group date or a date together with your friends. Enjoy indoor games, backyard games or any table games.

Museum. Take your sweetie to a museum. Look online for free admissions to museums (they are usually in the evening), and roam around with that special someone.

Go to a beach. There are thousands of things you can do on a beach: make sandcastles, take a dip, play beach volleyball, or just chill out together.

Enjoy a free brewery tour. Did you know that many brewery tours are free? But if you don't think that beer is your thing, then what about wine? Many wineries also offer free tours.

Food market. If you're hungry and want to try something special, then seek out a food market with lots of free samples. You don't have to pay anything!

Test drive your dream car. Well, you want to buy a car, but you don't have enough money for that? It's not an excuse not to drive it, at least for test. Take your sweetie and enjoy the ride. Remember, act like you already buy this car, but not like a passer-by who's come here by chance.

Cook together. You may cook anything together. Whether it's a dinner or just cookies, you will have an extended date and spend a lot of time together.



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