6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Healthy

6 Ways to Keep Your Mind HealthyMind of a present-day person is totally overwhelmed. It operates at a ridiculously fast pace and bounces from one thought to another. This can be harmful to your mind and, consequently, to your body. We're not going to let it happen that's why we provide you with these 6 ways to keep your mind healthy.

Your brain is not your mind. Brain is just that grey matter, that is inside of your skull. It's like any other organ inside of your body, like stomach, lungs, etc. Your brain is responsible for many activities, and some of them you can't control, like heartbeat. However, everything that you brain does is called to be mind. And your mind thinks, feels and even gets tired. The state of your brain is directly connected with the state of your mind. And the healthier brain you have, the healthier your mind is.

#1 Eat healthy food. Your brain needs glucose, that fuels the cells. Lack of glucose affects the ability to remember, concentrate and learn. The best supply of glucose comes from complex carbohydrates. They are broken down into glucose very slowly and release energy throughout the day. The best sources of glucose for your brain is fresh fruits, vegetables and grains.

#2 Exercise. Your mind is like muscles. They grow only when they have rest after physical activity. When you don't make your mind work for a long time, it gets week and unable to find answers to the easiest questions. Play different games that require thinking and planning, or involve creativity. You can also solve crosswords and puzzles.

#3 Get fit. Brains of people who exercise are healthier, than brains of people who lack of physical activity. Physical activity makes blood circulate faster in your body, thus increasing the level of oxygen in every cell. Oxygen is very important for your brain, because it's involved in production of new cells.

#4 Meditate. Your mind is full of different thoughts and emotions that piled up during the day: traffic jam, problems at work, bad news from your relatives, envy over your friend's vacation plan. You're too busy to think why you feel this way. Find some time for internal reflection to contemplate your feelings. Different activities, like yoga, meditation or deep prayer, can help you.

#5 Let your mind wander. You keep your mind constantly concentrated on certain things, even if you don't want to think about them. But letting your mind rest and recharge is also important. Enjoy daydreaming after lunch, anyway, it's a non-productive time.

#6 Connect with other people. Personal connections are important for releasing stress and mood-busting. Call your friends and relatives, plan a date with your partner or simply pet your dog. And don't peek in your cell-phone, because it will distract your attention from this very important way to keep your mind healthy.



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