Can On-Again Off-Again Relationship Ever Work Out?

Can On-Again Off-Again Relationship Ever Work Out?On-again and off-again relations are exhausting for two sides and even their friends and relatives. Everyone is willing to know when it will finish and how. Unfortunately, no one can tell for sure what will happen, because all relations are unpredictable. But can on-again and off-again relationship ever work out?

On-again off-again (or yo-yo relationship) is not so rare as you may think. There are many couples that broke up at some point and later started their relations again. For instance, estimated 40 percent of college couples are involved into yo-yo relationships. People take a break for some time and then come back to start everything from the beginning. However, this intentional break may not make anything good, that's why in most cases on-off relationships end by a final break up.

Don't be so pessimistic, because sometimes yo-yo relationships really lead to something good. It happens only in that case when a couple broke up by consent. This unexpected break may be required only in case, when one side of the couple needs to concentrate attention on something very important, and here relations only distract. Studying in college, a long-time trip abroad or work perspective need more attention. The second side of the couple has to understand partner's urge and accept it.

Taking an intentional break is dangerous for your relations. People change and become different, find new interests and interesting people. It's natural, that after a long break reuniting will be very hard and, may be, impossible.

Unintentional breaks are even worse, because going to on-again off-again relations is caused by certain problems, that the couple faces. During the break the problem seems to be gone, however, it's still there and it's not solved. Soon it will appear again and this time everything will be even worse. Without working out your relations are doomed.

Does it mean that getting on again will bring you more problems? It can be so, if you both don't come to a mutual understanding, that you two need changes. You both have to improve yourselves in order to make your relations better and stronger. Only in this case you will succeed.

Beware, that constant on and off is a bad way of life. It becomes addictive and it will harm you psyche. If you really decide that you want to come back again to your partner, you have to understand, that your relations need serious changes. If you partner disagrees and finds your relations nice as they are, then don't hesitate and quit it for good. It will be hard, however, you've already went trough several break-ups and you've cried enough. And this time will be the last one.



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