How to Deal With Ghosting

How to Deal With GhostingGhosts are around us not only during Halloween. In fact, they are real people who suddenly disappear off the face of the earth just in no reason. So, you've dated a guy who disappeared and doesn't show up for a long period of time. What should you do and how should you deal with ghosting?

The term “ghosting” might be new, but the action has been there for ages. Men (and sometimes women) simply evaporate, when they are not satisfied any more with the relations and don't know how to quit them the right way. Instead of this they choose to disappear: no man, no problem.

Ghosting seems fun for people who disappear, but it's not cool for the person who is ghosted. You're frustrated and don't know what to do next. Your next move is predictable: you start calling your boyfriend and sending text-messages, but you never get a reply. The longer it lasts, the more terrible you feel because you don't know where was the problem. You start blaming yourself and it undermines your dignity and self-confidence. It's a hard time and you're hurt.

There are different ways to handle ghosting and now we are going to talk about them. If you notice that your partner keeps some distance between two of you, that wasn't there before, you have to start the conversation. Your boyfriend might be afraid to tell you about his feelings.

Your ghost-boyfriend will never respond your text-messages or calls, that's why don't push. Instead of this keep some distance from the ghost and soon he will come up again. When it happens, don't freak out, just tell that he seems to keep distance between two of you and ask how you can find the solution to this situation.

However, it's not always possible to notice the first sings of ghosting relations and your partner finally disappears without leaving a message. Don't call or send text-messages, because you won't get any respond. Calm down and face the truth: you've been damped, but the person you dated was too afraid to say it directly and tell the reason. Be thankful that this relations are over, because you never know what could happen next. This unreliable person could leave you at any moment, even when you needed him most of all.

You will never believe it, but ghosts (and it happens almost always) come back and want to start everything over. Then complain about bad times they had to go through. Now it's only up to you whether you want to date a person, who clearly doesn't deserve you. The other case why ghosts reappear is that they are either bored or looking for a booty call. Whatever is the reason, now it's your turn to be ghost and never reply to this person.



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