8 Ways to Become a More Feminine Woman

8 Ways to Become a More Feminine WomanThe feminist movement has confused a lot about being a woman and a man. Modern women try so much to be independent and be equal with men, that they become more masculine. They forget that their role in the relations isn't being a leader and a person who can handle everything. They forget how it's to be feminine. It's not too late to wake up your inner woman! These 8 ways to become a more feminine woman will help you.

Men are attracted by certain female qualities, that women possess. But over the time women learn to be more independent and strong, they accept a masculine role. Men have nothing to do but to become more feminine in order to keep the balance between two genders. These changes cause the shift in the relations, and they can't last long. The ideal relations include a feminine woman and a masculine man!

Every woman can do a lot to become more feminine. We've made a special list for you, that you can use.

#1 Don't cut your hair. What can be more feminine than long hair? Even if you're used to short hair, don't cut it any more. Long hair makes you look like a real woman and you will eventually feel the same.

#2 Watch your language. There are many words that you should avoid using in your speech. Women are not allowed to curse. Well, we totally understand the allure of using a curse word, but English language is full of other emotional words. And do you really need to curse to express your thoughts?

#3 Look like a real lady. Look at the clothes you wear, are they mostly jeans and T-shirts? How many skirts and dresses have you got? Feminine women wear mostly dresses and skirts. Yes, you can wear jeans, but make sure that you look like a lady in them.

#4 Wear a sexy lingerie. Yes, nobody knows what kind of lingerie you wear, only you. But when you know that you have something sexy on, it totally changes your mood and your personal self-perception.

#5 Take a dance class or go dancing. Dancing will teach you gentle moves. And don't forget that it's always fun. Zumba classes will remind you how to wiggle your hips!

#6 Be playful and flirty. Your life doesn't have to be too serious to survive. Give yourself a chance to be flirty and flirt all the time. Well, sometimes it may be hard, but you know how to do it the right way, don't you?

#7 Don't be competitive. Yes, we know that you might be or want to be better than you man in everything, but you don't have to outdo your boyfriend, you have to be on his side. Let you man take care of you and do his man's job.

#8 Be different from you man. Really passionate relations exist only when two partners are totally different. They are the opposites that are attracted, just like magnets. So don't believe those feminist words that men and women don't differ. In fact, they are really different.



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