How to Improve Your Communication Skills

How to Improve Your Communication SkillsGood communications skills are not a gift, but the result of hard work and self-improvement.

You can listen to a person who speaks correctly and distinctly for hours. But how can you improve your communication skills? You will find out about it on AnydayGuide.

Very often even those people who are sure they speak perfectly make mistakes during conversation. Let's dwell upon what mistakes should be avoided and what rules should be followed in order to improve your public speaking skills.

Do not use fillers. They do not sound good to your listeners. There are several ways to get rid of fillers:

  1. Record your conversations. Then listen to your speech and you will surely understand which phrases could be shortened or even dropped.
  2. Watch your speech. As soon as you know what fillers you use, try to pinch your hand any time you say a filler. Physical pain will help get rid of this habit.
  3. Write texts. Then checking them think if you can shorten all the sentences. Change the sentences and say them aloud.

Do not speak fast. When you speak fast, your listeners do not get much information. Complicated words can confuse you and you will pronounce a word incorrectly. In order to get rid of the habit of speaking fast take a deep breath before every sentence you say.

Use friendly body language. Don't be a robot. Use gestures, open your palms and turn your feet to your listener. All your gestures and eye contact should be indicative of your friendly intentions.

Do not start an argument. If your interlocutor expresses their opinion and you don't agree with that do not start quarreling. Change the topic of your conversation and speak about your common interests.

Come up with conversation topics. Come up with several topics that will be interesting for everyone. Ask your interlocutor about his or her interests or some piece of advice on any trifle.

Expand your vocabulary. If you hear an unknown word, do not be lazy to learn its meaning. Try to read more literature on different topics. It will help you communicate with people of different age, occupation and social groups. Reading classic books will be useful for learning new words which you can use in conversation.

Good communication skills will make you stand out in a crowd. You will speak freely on any topic and control your speech in any situation.