8 Advantages of Long-Distance Relationship

8 Advantages of Long-Distance RelationshipIt's hard to keep any relations, whether your partner is always close to you or comes to see you once a month. And while long-distance relationship is almost never given a chance by the majority of young couples, it has it's own advantages. If you don't believe it, then read our 8 advantages of long-distance relationship.

#1 You don't have to be presentable all the time. Pimples and bad hairdo can spoil your mood if you have a date, because you want to look great for your partner. However, if you're on a long-distance relations, you don't have to be presentable all the time. Give yourself some rest, because your second half is eager to be close to you regardless you appearance.

#2 You've got plenty of “Me” time. It's particularly important for introverts, who need to be alone for at least 30 minutes a day. Extroverts can go without “Me” time for weeks and never get tired. So if you need some “Me” time in your daily routine, long-distance relationship is full of it.

#3 Long-distance relationship fuels sexual desire. Daily routine is monotonous, including sexual life. You will be tired of sex at 9 p.m., if you have it everyday during a month. But you will never get tired of sex in a long-distance relationship. Distance fuels your sexual desire and passion in the relations.

#4 Your dates are more meaningful. Some dates may seem to you meaningless. You go to cafe you always go to and order the same food or drinks. After that you roam around park and go back. You talk about something and it seems to be a bit boring because you've seen it all. The dates with partner who comes to see you once a month are more meaningful, because you value the time spent together. You can't waist it, that's why you do activities you'd never do if you were on a regular relations. You try to make you every date unforgettable, otherwise you will regret about the missed time and opportunity.

#5 It's more than physical. Long-distance relationship is anything but physical. You can't have friends with benefits relations, because they are more likely to end as friends without benefits. You have a real friend, who is also your second half, soul mate or love of your life.

#6 You talk out the problems. Many people use sex to distract themselves from the problems the couple goes through. Discussion is terrible for many couples, that's why people tend to be physically close to each other in order to keep the relations. It doesn't work with long-distance relationship, that's why in order to solve any problem you have to discuss it.

#7 You appreciate your second half. When your partner is always close to you, you don't appreciate the moments you spend together. But when it comes to long-distance relationship, you cherish every second when you're together. You know how it's to wake up without your partner, miss their scent, voice and smile.

#8 Your relations can survive anything. Long distance is a challenge for your relations, but you know that it's not permanent. One day distance won't be an obstacle for two of you any more. It gives you strength to go forward, because you know, that if your relations survived distance, they can survive anything.



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