5 Worst Ways to Flirt With Anyone

5 Worst Ways to Flirt With AnyoneFlirting may be easy for someone and complicated for you. It's the whole science of temptation and you have to use it right. Don't think that old techniques are dead and don't even try to make up something new. You will look ridiculous and really won't get the desired result. So here are 5 worst ways to flirt with anyone.

Before we start: never use any of these techniques with anyone. We will explain why they don't work and what you should do instead of it.

#1 Seductive eating. You've seen in a number of films how women try to be seductive when they eat any food, the most common are bananas, lollipops and ice cream. But in fact if you try to do it in real life, you will end up with you food on your face. You can't manage make licking lollipop look alluring, while actors can.

If you eat together, then just eat. Perceive bananas as food only, and don't use it as a prop, because it won't work. Instead of this just stick to making eyes contact and listen to the conversation of your cutie.

#2 Bullying. You know the rule that children use: if you pull the opposite sex's hair, slap or kick them, it means that you have a crush on them. It works only with the children, while adults have other rules. You can't smash someone in the face and become the best flirter or the year. It will work only if you're 8.

#3 Not texting for ages. Are you flirting by the means of texting? Then don't make your cutie wait to long for your reply. It will make them bored, frustrated and finally they will lose any interest in you.

A good example of texting flirting is where everything goes very quickly. You have to be fast and witty to keep interest in yourself. And if it's your turn to reply, then do it!

#4 Flirting with a friend. It was a popular technique during the 60s, but the scientists proved that it's really a bad idea. It's only a great thing for people who are too shy to flirt with their real target. In reality people won't understand your intentions. It will turn out that you lose too much time by digging in the wrong way. So if you're interested in someone, then do it straight forward.

#5 Smiling from afar. This is a fantastic technique to catch someone's attention: you meet the eyes of the person you like and smile. That's how you let others known that you're interested in them. But you have to make some kind of move. Sitting the whole evening and starting at the person who you like will look early weird and after a while become embarrassing. No one will be able to say, whether you're flirting with them or just sizing them up.



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