When Should You Throw a Bachelorette Party?

When Should You Throw a Bachelorette Party?Bachelorette party is not what every bride must have before wedding, however, they become very popular. This night spent together with friends symbolizes the farewell to the single life before getting married and accepting the status of a wife. But when should you throw a bachelorette party?

Every bachelorette party is unique and it's mood totally depends on the preferences of the bride. It's style can range from a quiet get-together with closest friends to a crazy night. Maid of honor usually hosts the party, while bridesmaids help her. However, anyone can throw a party, be it a friend or a relative. Even coworkers can do the same, if they feel the urge to plan the party for bride.

There is no particular time when you should throw a bachelorette party, however, there are several rules that you'd better follow. And we start from the most inappropriate time for a party. Don't throw it on the night before wedding. You want the bride to have a fresh and good look during the whole day. Being sleepy all day long won't let the bride enjoy her special day. By the way, the last day before wedding is the rehearsal dinner, which is traditionally a family event.

Many brides prefer to have their bachelorette party as close as possible to the wedding date. If your friend is one of them, then two days before wedding is ideal. This day can be spent with friends. Throwing a party two days before wedding is also a good idea, if the bride has many out-of-town friends. They can come only on the dates close to the wedding day and it's the only chance to get all of them altogether and spend a crazy night.

Think not only about the bride, but also about other friends. Working people and people with families might not be able to come to your bachelorette party, if it's organized in the mid of the week. That's why try to organize it on the weekend.

Ask bride when she wants her bachelorette party. May be she'd like to have it two weeks before wedding. When all parties are over, she will have plenty of time to solve last-minute problems. And with all planned parties it's really easy to miss anything.

There is no single rule about the time when bachelorette party should be thrown, that is why it's possible to have it a month before wedding, and even two or three. If it's destination party (they become very popular), it requires plenty of planning: arrival dates, hotel reservation and your friends availability.

Whenever you host bachelorette party, you don't have to put yourself in debt over this. Ask other bridesmaids or even guests for a small contribution and make sure that the bride doesn't pay a dime.



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