7 Reasons to Go to the College Party With Your Friend

7 Reasons to Go to the College Party With Your FriendPartying is an integral part of college experience. Even if you're not the party type, you'll probably attend at least a couple of parties just to see what the fuss is about and check an item off your bucket list. Going to parties alone is perfectly okay, but attending them with a friend is much better. Here are seven reasons to go to the college party with your friend.

You'll get to prepare for the party together. Preparing for the party is half the fun! You can raid each other's closets to pick the perfect outfits that won't clash but won't make you look like the Olsen twins either. You can do each other's hair and makeup to make sure you both look fabulous. And pre-gaming with your best friend can even beat the party itself!

You will know at least one person. College parties are about meeting new people, but when you're a shy freshman, it can be awkward. If you know at least one person in the room, you will feel more comfortable. So don't go to your first college party alone, invite your roommate or that nice girl you met during orientation along.

You can be each other's wingwomen. If you go to the party hoping to get laid, your friend can help you out. Even if you are perfectly able to find a hookup yourself, it's good to know that someone has your back. And you can always ask her opinion when you're not sure if the guy is worth pursuing.

You will look out for each other. College parties are super fun, but sometimes bad things happen. You will keep each other from drinking too much and doing stupid things, such as making out with that guy who gives off a creepy vibe. Let your friend know when you are going to spend some alone time with the guy you've just met, it's for your own safety. This goes both ways, of course.

She will hold your hair back when you throw up (the reverse situation is also possible). It's great to have someone your trust around when you are vulnerable. Remember, however, that this won't work if you are both wasted.

You'll have someone to walk you home. Walking home alone after the party sucks. Your friend will make sure you get home safe or will let you crash at her place. Of course, if she is sober enough. If not, you will at least to be able to sing “We Are Young” by fun. at the top of your lungs. Maybe it'll help you find someone who will carry you both home.

You'll be hungover together. Everything has its price, and fun parties usually come with hangover in tow. However, being hungover doesn't seem so bad when you have someone to commiserate with. Share a greasy breakfast in that hole in the wall diner just off campus, and you'll feel much better.



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