How to Make Friends During Freshman Orientation

How to Make Friends During Freshman OrientationFreshman orientation gives you a chance to meet new people, some of whom might become your good friends. It's easy to strike conversations with people because you have at least one thing in common: you all are scared freshmen. Don't be shy, and you'll make some new friends during freshman orientation.

During your first days in college you will have to step out your comfort zone all the time. Meeting new people can be scary, but don't forget that most freshmen are just as scared as you. You don't have to be afraid of talking to people. Use our tips for making friends during freshman orientation, and everything will be great!

Get to know your dorm neighbors. Your roommate will be one of the first people you meet in college, and you need to get to know him or her. Maybe you won't become friends, but you need to at least get along.

However, you shouldn't get focused solely on your roommate. You now live in a building full of interesting people who you'll see every day for at least a semester, so take advantage! Introduce yourself to people from your floor, hang out in the lobby, check out the kitchen (bonding over food is totally a thing). But don't come on too strong, just ask your neighbors where they are from, what they major in, etc.

Your RA will probably organize some ice breakers to help the residents get along. Bonding activities can be really helpful, so don't skip them.

Show up for orientation events. Orientation events offer the perfect opportunity to mingle. If you are too shy to approach people on your own, go with your roommate or your dorm neighbors. It's easier when you're with a group, you can let them do the talking and join the conversation when you feel comfortable enough. Check out the club fair, it's your chance to sign up for clubs that suit you and meet people who share your interests.

Get to know people from your orientation group. In most schools, freshmen are divided into small groups, often guided by sophomores or upperclassmen. It's easier to talk to people in smaller groups, so this is your chance to make new friends. Ask them questions, tell something about yourself, make jokes and witty comments.

Go to parties. There will probably be parties on campus during your orientation. Maybe it will be easier for you to make friends in a more informal environment. However, we would strongly advise against heavy drinking and hooking up with strangers. Come to think of it, we would strongly advise against drinking, period, as you're most certainly underage.

Embrace the awkward. Although icebreakers and team-building exercises can be really helpful, they won't magically make the awkwardness go away. Brace yourself for some uncomfortable interactions with other freshmen. You feel awkward and vulnerable, but other freshmen feel awkward and vulnerable, too. (Yes, we know we've already said it.) You will get over it, we promise.



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