How to Release Anger in a Healthy Way

How to Release Anger in a Healthy WayAnger is considered to be a bad emotion that a person may feel. And since all bad emotions are not supposed to be shown, it builds up in you and finally you explode. Don't hide your anger, because it's not good for your body. Instead of this find out how to release anger in a healthy way.

Write it down. Hands, feet and voice are the key channels for expression of any emotions. Use your hands to release your anger by writing down what's bothering you. You will understand what really has made you feel this way and you will be able to cope with your emotions effectively.

Talk it out. Friends are not supposed to be around you only when you're happy. Share your emotions with your best friend. Tell your problem and you will feel much better. Friendship is a great thing for releasing any emotions and feelings that bother you, whether they are good or bad.

Forgive yourself. Some people get angry because they are angry. Well, it's understandable, but in this case anger may become self-sustaining. You can't overcome anger by being angry with yourself. Forgive yourself for this emotion and let yourself feel it.

Relax and loosen your body. There are many mindful techniques that will help you relax and release your emotions. Breath deeply and focus yourself only on it. You can also focus your attention on an object and let the tension slide away. Gentle massage of face, forehead, temples, ears and jaws and yoga exercises are also helpful.

Learn how to express your emotions. Adults usually don't express bad emotions, like anger, and it makes them feel bad. Look at children, they never stop themselves, whether they want to express their good or bad emotions. Stomping, crying, waving hands – all of that is good to release anger. You may go even further and create a special ritual. Throw rocks in a safe place, tear paper or shake your limbs. Do as much exercise as you can do right now and let your imagination work the rest of the time. Your mind and body can't tell the difference between imaginary and real world, so both forms count.

Take a nap. 20 minutes of rest will be enough for you to release anger. Lay down and relax, take a nap if you can. You will wake up without the negative emotions.

Play with your pet. People who spend enough of time with their pets are healthier and happier. Play for some time with your cat or dog and you will feel better. You can't be angry any more at the look of a cuddly puppy or kitten.

Listen to the music. Good music is a great remedy for people who are sad or angry. Listen to your favorite music, or to the sounds of nature. Choose something that is good for relaxation.

It's natural to experience different emotions, but it's not natural to fester in them. That's why you have to know how to release anger anytime you need it. Trust us, your life will be much happier!



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