How to Cope With Sad Thoughts

How to Cope With Sad ThoughtsEveryone has sad thoughts and feelings from time to time, it's perfectly normal. Research shows that sadness typically longer than positive emotions because we tend to fixate on the feeling of sadness. How to cope with sad thoughts and overcome sadness?

Smile. People smile when they experience positive emotions. If you smile when you are feeling sad, it can trick your body. When you smile (even if the smile is forced), your body releases hormones that make you feel better.

Exercise or have sex. These types of physical activity release endorphins. These hormones usually produce a feeling of mild euphoria, in other words, they make you feel happier. Besides, exercise or sex will help you focus on something other than your sad thoughts.

Listen to music. Music affects our mood and is considered to be a powerful natural antidepressant. However, the choice of music is very important. If the music is sad, your sad thoughts and feelings won't go away. Choose upbeat tunes that will create a positive vibe.

Watch a movie or read a book. A good book or an interesting movie will help you distract yourself from negative thoughts. However, the choice of the book/movie is important. Opt for funny movies and humorous books. Cat videos on YouTube are a good option, too.

Call a friend. Our friends are supposed to support us, so ask them for help. Hanging out with a friend will distract your from your sad thoughts. You can also use some hugging and cuddling. Studies shows that touch helps some people cope with stress.

Seek physical comfort. Our body and mind are inseparable, and physical comfort can result in emotional comfort. Eat something tasty. Take a hot bath with bubbles. Wear comfy clothes. Ask someone to give you a massage. Take a nap. Believe us, it will make you will better!

Keep yourself busy. Keeping yourself busy is a good distraction. You can work, clean your apartment, reorganize your clothes, go grocery shopping, dedicate some time to your hobby. When you constantly have something to do, you have no time for sad thoughts.

Meditate. Meditation can help overcome sadness. It doesn't work for everyone, but it definitely won't hurt to try. You can also practice mindfulness. It is a method of coping with one's emotions and thoughts by paying attention to them.

Let yourself be sad. Everyone needs an emotional outlet, and sometimes being sad is actually a way to cope with stress. Your sad thoughts may result from your habit of keeping emotions inside. Having a good cry will bring you relief.



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