How to Be a Sexy Housewife

How to Be a Sexy HousewifeWhile you're dating you like to wear mini skirts and sexy tops, but life of a single person is much different from the married life. You have to do a lot of chores and that's why you can't wear sexy clothes all the time and clean the house in your brand-new dress. You choose the clothes you feel comfortable in for your house chores, but they are not definitely what your husband finds to be sexy. So how can you be a sexy housewife?

Of course washing the dishes or cooking breakfast having only an apron on is not that realistic, especially if you have children around you. But you can stay sexy for you husband, if you want to. Just make a little effort for the sake of your relations!

Choose your clothes. Yes, we know that the perfect house clothes when you have to wash, scrub and clean with chemicals are old jeans and a comfortable T-shirt. But make sure that you husband doesn't see you in them. Early in the morning while you cook breakfast you may have a long dress on, and after you see your hubby off, change it. Before your husband comes back change you clothes again to your dress.

Make-up. Don't forget to have a make-up even if you're not going out anywhere or plan a visit. Do it only for you husband. Also don't forget to keep your hair neat during the day.

Shave your legs and other parts of body too. There's nothing less sexy then hairy legs, so don't forget to shave them even in winter. Well, also shave other parts of your body. The less hair grows on your body, the sexier you are.

Wear sexy lingerie. It's the key to a long and happy sexy life. Even if you like sleeping naked and your husband loves it, leave something for imagination. Be sure that whenever you go to bed in your sexy lingerie, it won't stay on.

Have some fun. You're never old to be playful and remember, that you're a woman. Allow yourself a glass of wine after a hard day, let your hair down and remind yourself, as well as your husband, that you're a woman.

Take care of yourself. Nobody cares whether you took a nap during the daytime and whether you're tired or not. Only you do. Devote some time for self-care, have a mani/pedi and masks.

Do something that you enjoy. Yes, you're very busy to take care of the house, but you have to do something that you enjoy. Whether you take a class, read or have a part time job, you need it to keep you sane. It will also give you the feeling of being productive and a part of the society.

Do little things that your husband adores. Every man loves something special that his woman does. Whether its doing laundry in panties and one of his T-shirts or dressing in a babydoll and bringing him his Coke, you can do it from time to time.



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