4 Reasons Why Being Selfish Is Good for You

4 Reasons Why Being Selfish Is Good for YouThe word “selfish” has got a bad rap, and whenever somebody calls you selfish, it doesn't sound like a compliment. You feel ashamed and guilty for paying not enough attention to others. But wait a minute, is selfishness really so bad as others say? We give you 4 reasons why being selfish is good for you.

Being selfish is normal for every person, because survival means taking care of your own needs. However, people evolved some higher needs, like becoming community centered. Selfishness has got a negative connotation, the community itself tries to kill the trait of being selfish in everyone. But actually modern people can't be either community oriented, or selfish. It's always both, otherwise you won't be happy.

Nowadays calling someone selfish is the fastest way to back somebody off from their position or demands. It works great with women, since they are more vulnerable, sensitive and selfless. By the way, exactly selfless people the community needs. But did you notice, that the world “selfless” is rather interesting: it means that you have no self.

So, while your parents and everyone around you tell you that you have to think about others and put their needs ahead of your own, you feel that you're not happy with it. Well, being glad to please people you love may look like happiness, but, in fact, it's nothing like it. Only being selfish will make you happier, and we're going to give you four reasons why.

Selfish people are healthier. Selfish people are more self-focused and pay more attention to their own bodies and health. They take care of themselves: do exercises, eat healthy food and also try to please themselves with what they love. Did you know that selfish people travel a lot?

Selfish people have better relationship. Self-focused people have healthier relations just because they don't let others manipulate or take advantage of them. You always can say “No” to something that disturbs you or something you don't like. Sacrificing yourself and your needs for the sake of relations won't make you happy.

Selfish people are better leaders. Numerous studies have shown that selfish people may have an advantage in leadership role. Selfish people are more confident in themselves and are not likely to give up on their goals. They just go for something they want apologetically and they are not afraid to ask for the raise or promotion.

Selfish people are happier. Will you be happy, if someone tells you to live a miserable life to please others? We bet you won't, so make yourself happy. Travel, enjoy, do what you like. Your happiness will make your relations with other people healthier, you will become more altruistic and helpful to others. Happiness will make you more creative and resilient. You will become a better friend, colleague and citizen.

However, remember, that selfishness is two-edged. Keep balance in order not to harm yourself. And whenever you think that you might please yourself with it, don't hesitate, because a little selfishness is good for you.



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