7 Ways to Combat Stress

7 Ways to Combat StressProblems at work, argument with your beloved one, sickness and just daily routine bring to never-ending stress, that everyday makes you feel worse and worse. Stop weeping and get yourself in hand, here are 7 ways to combat stress.

Don't try to find the way to deal with your stress, instead of this make it a part of your life. Let's face inevitable: stress is always here, whether you expect the day to be hard or full of fun. Make it a part of your life and don't think what you could do to deal with it and get rid of it forever. It's just impossible. Become aware that stress is always with you, and even if you can't change the circumstances, you know that you are able to improve your life.

Many people turn to alcohol, drugs and unhealthy food to reveal the pain, but actually it's not the best way to combat stress. Bad habits won't help you and make the situation even worse. Adopt healthy habits and experience your emotions. Let yourself feel hatred, fear, sadness and head-on. Have a walk, adopt a pet or find a new hobby to cope with your emotional pain.

Look at all your problems in proper perspective. Don't let one tiny problem spoil all your day. Don't be a pessimist and don't allow this mood to take hold of you. Even if your day began with a flat tire, think what good it can bring you: a new challenge, a new acquaintance, a new chance!

Constant stress may make you sleep not enough, feel worn out or empty. Don't forget, that your body needs rest, otherwise stress will lead to some serious health problems, like mental breakdown, collapse of the immune system, exacerbation of chronic diseases etc. In order to escape all of it you need to sleep enough, maintain a healthy diet and make physical excessive. By the way, did you know that people who go to gym three times a week feel better mentally and physically?

When you feel miserable you may want to forget about everything and have fun with your friends or choose total solitude. In fact neither of these ways of coping with stress are good for you. Try to find the right balance between staying alone and hanging out. Maintain a healthy social life and have enough of time to stay on your own with your thoughts.

Acknowledge your choice. Don't think that all your life is God's will and stress you face right now is one of the challenges sent to you by the destiny. Your life is only your choice and only you are responsible for the way you live it. So you can choose how to spend this day: stay at home and weep or go out and be happy with what you have.

Don't look at your life through pink glasses and don't think about it too bad. Be realistic and realize, that good things also can stem out of bad circumstances. You have a chance to become stronger and better right now and never come back to the feeling of a helpless victim.



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