Top 10 Signs He Is in Love With You

Top 10 Signs He Is in Love With YouYou've been together for a long time and you do feel something for him. You would like to tell about your feelings to your boyfriend, but you're not sure that he shares them. Men don't like to exhibit their feelings, but these top 10 signs will tell you that he is in love with you.

Well, the signs will always differ, because they depend on the nature of the man. Remember, that not a single guy is bound to exhibit all the signs, but some of them will definitely be. You just have to look for at least one of them.

#1 He looks softly at you. This is the key sign that your boyfriend loves you. Your boyfriend might want to look like a macho, but at some point you will see that soft look in his eyes. It might be whenever, when you're sleeping in bed or clean the house. That soft look can't be confused with anything else in the world.

#2 He is extra attentive. Boys are normally do not pay much attention to the details. They don't notice your new necklace or new hairdo. They are barely to notice the fact that you've changed the color of your hair. However, if your boyfriend is in love, he will remember the date of your birthday, he will notice how pretty you are in this red dress or what is your favorite drink.

#3 He hangs around you. Men love to hang around with their friends, but you notice that he tries to spend more time with you. He might come to your office to have lunch together or show up in unexpected places where he will probably meet you. It all means that he can't get you out of his mind.

#4 He calls you often. Does your boyfriend call you for no specific reason, just because he wants to talk to you? If yes, then he's definitely very interested in you.

#5 He tries to take care of you. He wants to make things better, that's why he shows the deep care of you. He tries to provide it on the physical and emotional levels, and he tries to make you smile. Whenever he puts a next effort to comfort and please you, it's the sign that he tells “I love you” in deed.

#6 He wants you to meet his family. A man in love deeply cares that you like and love his relatives. If your boyfriend wants to introduce you to his family and friends and would like to meet yours, then he's not going to go anywhere. He's got very serious intentions.

#7 He shares with you his thoughts about the future and you're in it. When you talk he is not afraid to tell you about his ideas, plans and hopes. And if you see that you're also involved, then it's the obvious sign that he's in love with you.

#8 He does things that make you happy. You know that men don't love shopping, but your boyfriend agrees to accompany you every time you're going to buy something new. He may not enjoy this, but he does it for you to make you happy.

#9 He makes an effort. He is romantic with you, and it doesn't mean chocolates, flowers etc. He just tries to find out what's really meaningful to you.

#10 He's not nice with you. It's the flip side. Guys that fall in love for the first time or had previous bad relations are afraid of their new feelings and don't know how to handle them. At one point he's nice to you but then he tries to push you away. It confuses you. Everything you can do is to give him a bit space and be nice with him. As long as he doesn't mistreat you he will come to his sense.



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