What Should You Tell Your Boyfriend About Your Past?

What Should You Tell Your Boyfriend About Your Past?Being in a relationship means being honest with your current boyfriend. It's how you build your love and trust. But what if you have some ugly things in your past that you'd like to hide from your boyfriend? Won't telling the truth make things worse? Well, let's see what you should tell your boyfriend about your past.

There is no one-fits-all solution for every relationship. Many things depend on you, what exactly happened in your past (and whether you've coped with it) and how your boyfriends judges people. Some say, that hiding the truth won't make anything good for your relations, because your boyfriend won't trust you. And others think that sometimes skeletons should stay in their respective closets.

Pros and Cons of Telling Everything

It's obvious, that if have no secrets from your boyfriend, nothing will spoil your relations, especially your exes. Well, next time when your boyfriend sees you chatting with your ex and he knows that you have no feelings to him, he won't be surprised. He won't judge you and won't imagine anything wrong.

Unfortunately, many men are not very good at understanding and are highly judgmental by nature. They often insist, that they want to know the truth, but, in fact, they can't handle it. Their immaturity can threaten you relationship, because they just can't understand and forgive, like women do.

Golden Mean

Telling your boyfriend the truth is good for your relations, but some secrets really should be kept, especially if they bother you. For instance, you shouldn't tell your boyfriend about all your exes. You might mention one or two, with whom you had serious relations, but you don't have to tell about the guys you dated only once (well, bad first date, you know how it happens) or just a month. These people are not very important, that's why you may keep them in secret.

But whether you should tell your boyfriend about the past, that really bothers you? If you want to keep it in secret (you're ashamed of it), then you should really do so. Tell some minor details that you allow your boyfriend to know, and don't act too suspicious. Don't make yourself look like you're hiding something. Although men are not very good at reading body language and guessing women's mood, you boyfriend might notice that he's being fooled.

Remember, if you've decided to hide something from your boyfriend and you're afraid that your relatives or friends might reveal your secret (of course, unintentionally), just ask them to keep their mouths shut.

In case your past bothers you and you want to tell your boyfriend about it, then go for it. Make sure that you prepare your boyfriend to this conversation and get ready for his reaction. It may be anything: anger, sadness or empathy. Whatever the outcome, you will feel relief.

Whatever your choice is, remember, that what the eye does not see, the heart doesn't grieve about!



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