How to Get Over Your High School Boyfriend

How to Get Over Your High School BoyfriendThere are examples of high school sweethearts who make a long-distance relationship work during college and live happily ever after. However, most college freshmen break up with their high school boyfriends/girlfriends and start with a clean slate. Breaking up with someone is not easy, even if it was you who did the dumping. Here are some tips for getting over your high school boyfriend and moving on.

Collect all the things that remind you of him. Love notes, movie tickets, gifts, the T-shirt or jersey he left at your bedroom, the corsage he got you for prom... everything. Put them in the box and hide it somewhere at your parent's house. If your break up wasn't amicable and you feel the urge to throw his sh*t away or burn it in your backyard, don't act on it. In 10 or 20 years you will reminisce about your high school romance with nostalgia. Your first relationship is important even if it ended badly.

Keep yourself busy. Luckily, freshmen always have a lot of things to do, so if won't be a problem. Attend your classes, meet new people, find clubs to join, hang out with your roommate/dorm neighbors, go to parties. Don't try to drown your sorrows in alcohol though. Firstly, it rarely ends well. Secondly, you're most likely below the legal drinking age, and we do not encourage breaking the law.

Find a new guy. College offers almost unlimited dating opportunities, so finding a new guy won't be a problem. Just remember that staff members are off limits. College relationships don't necessarily require a serious commitment, you can keep it casual and have your fun. If you are not ready for any kind of relationship yet, find someone to crush on. A crush will still distract you from the thoughts about your ex. You can crush on a celebrity as a last resort, just don't make a shrine in your dorm room.

Don't stalk your ex online. Of course you want to know how he is doing at college. But are your really ready to know this? The more time you spend online looking at his photos and reading his statuses, the more time you need to move on. We don't say you should unfriend him, but you definitely need to hide his updates from your timeline. If you have mutual friends who hang out with them on a regular basis, hide their updates as well, at least until you're completely over him.

Give yourself a makeover. As we've already said, college is your chance to start with a clean slate. Sometimes changing the outside helps us change the inside. So get a haircut, dye your hair, change your clothing style or the way you put on makeup. Then look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I'm not the same girl anymore.” People change. You've changed. It's time to move on.

Breaking up with your high school sweetheart can be hard, but you can handle it. Once you get to college, you won't have time for pining over your ex. College life is full of new impressions and experiences that will keep you distracted, so getting over your high school BF won't take as much time as you expect.



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