How to Get Over an Unrequited Crush

How to Get Over an Unrequited CrushCrushing on someone is perfectly normal, innocent crushes happen all the time even when we are not teenagers anymore. Crushing on a person can be casual and fun. However, if your feelings are unrequited and the crush won't end, things might end bad for you. How to get over an unrequited crush and go on with your life?

The first step in solving any problem is admitting you have one. You heed to acknowledge that you have a crush, but the person you like doesn't feel the same way about you. Sometimes it is the hardest step, because self-deception is not easy to get rid of.

Secondly, you need to understand that having a crush doesn't equal being in love. Love is a strong feeling; a crush is fleeting infatuation with a person. Of course, your crush might evolve into love one day. Or it might not. Anyway, when your crush is unrequited, waiting for something you are not sure is ever going to happen is not the wisest decision. So say it out loud: “I'm not in love, I have a crush, I'm going to get over it.”

To get over someone, you need to distance yourself from them. However, if your want to remain friends, you shouldn't cut them off abruptly. Sometimes honesty is the best policy. Be open and tell your crush that you have feelings for them and need some time for yourself to get over. If you are not ready to disclose your feelings, just say that you have a lot going on and can't spend as much time with them. If they really are your friend, they will understand.

Don't let your life revolve around your crush. Stop obsessing about them and find fun things to do. Hang out with your friends. Meet new people. Find a hobby. Hit the gym. Take up volunteer work. Go on a road trip. Adopt a dog that needs long daily walks. The more things you need to do, the less time you have to think about your crush and wallow in self-pity.

Oh, and don't forget about flirting! Flirting will remind you that there are plenty more fish in the sea. Just don't think of it as a full-fledged rebound, you're not getting over a long-term relationship, for God's sake! Of course sometimes crushing on someone new can help get over the old crush, but please try to crush on someone who likes your back, otherwise you risk getting caught up in a vicious circle of unrequited crushes.

While getting over, try not to get angry with your crush instead. Replacing feelings of affection and infatuation with feelings of bitterness and anger is a common coping mechanism, but it is certainly not the best way to cope with your feelings. Of course, if the person you crush on has hurt you, you have every right to be angry. But if they have been perfectly nice to you, do not get mad with them for not returning your feelings.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that a crush is a short term thing. It's not love; it comes and goes. Do not let a simple crush ruin a good friendship or stop you from dating. Everything will work out in the end!



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