Pros and Cons of Dorm Dating

Pros and Cons of Dorm DatingLiving in dorms during college opens you to new experiences, dating being one of them. Living in close proximity with people of the opposite (or the same) sex leads to bonding, and the next thing you know, sparks fly. However, dorm dating is called dormcest for a reason. What are the pros and cons of dating your dorm neighbor?

Pro. It's convenient. You don't have to walk somewhere to meet them. All you have to do is make a few steps and knock on their door. You won't have to deal with public transportation or bad weather because you can always hang out in each other's rooms.

Con. Less privacy. Unless one of you has a single room (and it's very unlikely if you're both freshmen), you will have to sexile one of your roommates from time to time. And even if you are lucky to have a room to yourself, dorm walls are usually very thin, so you will have to be quiet. Oh, and people will talk, college students like gossip.

Pro. You will spend more time together. Living in close proximity means that you will be able to spend more time together. Hey, you can see each other every day instead of couple nights a week! And you will be able to go home for weekend without feeling guilty for abandoning your GF/BF because you've seen each other during the week.

Con. You will spend too much time together. Being able to spend every spare minute with your bae is great, but you don't want to spend all your free time with them, it's unhealthy. Dorm dating can distract from studying and prevent you from making friends outside of the dorm. Besides, if you have too little time and space to yourself, you will start feeling smothered.

Pro. They will always be there for you. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on or want someone to congratulate you on acing your midterms, your boyfriend/girlfriend will be there to give you a hug or have congratulatory sex.

Con. It can be too much too soon. When people start dating, they need some time to adjust. If you decide to date your dorm neighbor, it is hard to take things slow. You kind of jump into this relationship, and it can be overwhelming.

Pro. Limited walk of shame. You won't have to walk across the campus after spending the night with them. All you'll have to do is sneak into your own room really quickly. And no one will pay attention to you wearing sweatpants and too big T-shirt in a dorm hallway.

Con. Twin beds. Having sex in a tiny bed is not that great, especially if it is pretty much your only option. Of course, cuddling and spooning may be nice, but sometimes it is too hot to cuddle (and not everyone is into it, some people like their space).

Pro. You can quickly figure out if you are compatible. When you spend so much time with someone, you can learn a lot about them, from their interests to their living habits. It should quickly become clear if you are really a good match. And if not, you can break things off before either of you falls in love.

Con. If you break up, things can get awkward. You will still have to see each other all the time because you live in the same dorm. You will keep accidentally running into your ex at least until the end of the semester. Besides, your break up will make your mutual friends and other dorm inhabitants feel awkward.



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