How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend

How to Break Up With Your BoyfriendIn the beginning, your relations were so exciting, but gradually they started to fade out. Now you feel that you don't want to date your boyfriend any more and you want to break up. If you really want to put an end to your relations, then we will give you some tips on how to break up with your boyfriend.

Breaking up is always difficult, because you hurt the feelings of the other person. You both shared good moments during a certain period of time and became close to each other. And breaking up means, that you hurt this person, you make him sad, angry and depressed. However, a breakup is a part of moving on, without it you won't be able to build new relationship.

Never postpone the hard conversation that is waiting for you, just because you don't want to hurt or afraid of being alone. Trying to fix the relations, when you already don't want it, may lead to such things as cheating, fighting and even downgrading to friends with benefits. Neither you, nor your boyfriend need it.

There's no general approach to breaking up, and every time it's unique. No one will tell you the words you have to tell your boyfriend in order to break up. However, there are some do's and don'ts that will help you split and never regret about the things you've done or haven't done.

First of all, take your time and think about your feelings. You have to understand, why you want to split and the way you feel to your soon-to-be ex. Be faithful to yourself, it will help you explain your feelings to your boyfriend during the hard conversation.

Think, what you will tell your boyfriend and how he might react. Will your words make him mad, sad, hurt or surprised? Will he lose his temper or cry? Now think how can you deal with this situation.

When you know what you're going to tell, find an appropriate time to start a conversation. Don't make it in public or during any social event. Breaking up with your boyfriend during a party isn't a good idea (although you may think the other way round), it has to be done in private. Call him and ask for a date. Don't meet at his or your home, it's better to go to a coffee shop or a park. Make sure that your last date isn't anything special.

Now you can start the most difficult conversation. First, mention something that you value about your boyfriend, for example “I like you, and I'm glad that we've met each other”, then continue to what's not working. It's your own reason for the breakup and finally say, that you really want it. Say you're sorry for that, because it hurts, but you both need to move on.

Now listen to what your boyfriend tells you. Don't be surprised to hear, that you've upset him or made unhappy. In fact, you shouldn't be surprised with anything, even if your boyfriend tells you, that he wanted to break up with you long time ago, but was sorry for you.

Give your boyfriend space and time to handle the breakup, that's why stop calling or texting, even if you've decided to stay friends (let's face the truth, it's not the best variant for both of you). You also need this time to forget about this person.

You might have another guy in mind, whom you really like, but don't jump into new relations after the breakup. It will make things much worse to your ex, when he finds out about your private life. Gentle breakup, just the way you're doing it, is a great chance for both of you to learn something from your relations.



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