Food Favor Ideas for Your Wedding

Food Favor Ideas for Your WeddingThere are many ways you can express appreciation to your guests, who come to you wedding, but the most common is giving them favors. The favor can be anything, and usually it's something handy and small. But ask yourself, whether your guests will use it after your wedding or throw it away. We recommend you use food favors, as something that your guests will really appreciate. And we have plenty ideas of food favors for wedding to share with you.

Backed Goods

Wedding cake. Many guests often leave wedding without even trying the wedding cake, and they really regret it. When you order your wedding cake, think about kitchen cake (the plain cake without decoration) of the same favor. You can use it as a food favor: put in a small jar or a tiny basket.

Homemade pie. There is nothing better then a peace of homemade pie. Well, if you have no time to bake small pies for your guests, then you can order them. Use your favorite flavors or order one, that will correspond to the theme of your wedding.

Brownie. Brownies are great, and you can pack them in small boxes of the color you choose. Your food favor will match to the color or your wedding. Great, isn't it?

Cookies. The cookies are great as your wedding favor, and they already don't have to be packed in expensive boxes. Order heart-shaped cookies with something special written on them. Cookies covered by royal icing look very attractive and delicious.

Sweet Goods

Chocolate. A small set of chocolate candies or chocolate bars will please anyone. Choose dark, milk or white chocolate, or mix them all to create a very sweet and tasty favor.

Jam. Chocolate and many other edible stuff won't last long, but you won't say the same about jam. A jar of jam will be a special morning reminder about your wedding for a long time. Strawberry, grape, raspberry, blackberry, apricot, cherry and blueberry are the most popular flavors.

Macarons. Traditional French macarons can be customized for your own wedding. Use icing to write the date of your wedding or the monogram.

Caramel. It's melting on your tongue and it's very sweet. Many flavors make caramel a perfect food favor. By the way, you may also choose some special or super yummy flavors, like hazelnut and pumpkin.

Honey. You may think that there's nothing special about honey, however, you're wrong. Order your local honey from a beekeeper and make sure that it will come in cute little jars. Believe us, there's nothing better than that.

Spirits and Other Goods

Mini bottles. Keep the party going by giving your guests mini bottles of any spirit you choose. Special vodka or your favorite liquor – you choose.

Homemade limoncello. Your wedding favor doesn't have to be traditional, but it should make your guests happy. Small jars of limoncello will please everyone.

Oil. Olive oil is healthy and it's a perfect dressing for any salad. Use garlic, rosemary or pepper infused oils to make special favors for your guests.

A jar of seasons. It looks great and your guests will use it to cook special meals. Want a fun idea? Color-copy a map of your region and use it to create tags for the jars.



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