How to Stop Blushing All the Time

How to Stop Blushing All the TimeEveryone who's blushing knows that it has nothing in common with girlish pink cheeks, but it's like to be a neon red from up your chest. Blushing makes you feel uncomfortable. Don't worry, you can handle it with our tips on how to stop blushing all the time.

Blushing may be caused by different factors: physical response of your body to overheating or emotional response to social situations and your feelings. There are many ways to fight it, and we will start with physical blushing.

Blushing is caused by blood vessels that open up inside of your skin to release the excessive heat from your body. Buy why do you have blush only on your face? It's just because the skin on your face is thinner and there are more blood vessels on face than anywhere else on skin.

Although blushing helps your body cool down, you can overt this physical process. For example, drink a glass of cold water or place a cold compress of water or milk on your skin. You will control your blood vessels and cool down your body at the same time.

However, blushing caused by overheating isn't as awkward as nervous blushing, but you can also control it. We've prepared certain techniques for you, that will help you.

Use self-hypnosis. Think about the situations when you blush. Is it when you have to speak in front of many people? Or when you see someone who you really like? Or when you lie, angry, nervous? Replay these situations in your mind and imagine yourself to be cool and calm. This way you teach your mind that use of blushing isn't required at all. The more often you use this technique, the more powerful it becomes. Soon enough your face won't blush the next time when you're in a situation that makes your cheeks become red.

Learn to direct your blood flow. Did you know that you can intentionally increase the temperature of certain parts of your body? This is not simple, but together with self-hypnosis it can help you stop blushing all the time. In order to master this technique, sit down, relax and imagine, that your hands are very close to fire and feel its heat. Your blood will direct to your palms and you will feel the real heat there. Repeat this exercise to make it automatic, and next time when you understand that you're going to blush, imagine fire next to you hands. Your blood will rush to your hands instead of your face.

Tell the truth. Blushing usually is an intentional sign that you're hiding something. If you don't have to hide the truth, you don't have to blush. For instance, you know that you really like one person and you deny it in front of your friends. Of course, your body reacts by blushing. But if you tell that you like that guy or girl, then you don't need to blush any more.

Don't try to hide blushing. Your face becomes red just because you want to hide blushing. Your attempts give no result and you blush even more. Don't try to prevent blushing by concentrating on it. Achieve this by using two following methods.

Relax and concentrate on your breathing. When you think only about breathing, then your mind doesn't give the signals to your sympathetic nervous system to change the blood flow, thus you don't blush.

Whenever your deep breathing and relaxation looks strange, then draw people's attention to your blush. Yes, you admit it, thus confessing that you're, for instance, nervous. They will understand you and won't regard it as a big problem. At the same time you calm down (remember, that you're not hiding the reason of your blush) and your face isn't red any more!



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