10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Marriage Happier

10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Marriage HappierBefore wedding everyone envisions their marriage to be happy. And after several months they start seeing certain problems, that make their life, well, not so happy. It may go on and on till you feel miserable and long for a divorce. If you want to change this situation, here are 10 things you can do to make your marriage happier.

1. Don't take your spouse for granted. We say “thank you” to so many people when then do little courtesies, but we forget about our partners. At least once a day thank your partner, and say it like you really mean it even if you don't, in response for his or her “job”. Your praise will remind your partner about your love and care.

2. Do something that you did when you were newlyweds. Of course you did certain little things to your partner, when your were newlyweds. You might cooked a special breakfast every Saturday, but over the time this tradition was forgotten. If you want to bring back the old feelings, restart your traditions.

3. Talk more about something meaningful. When you were dating you could talk for hours about life and different events. Now all your conversation is about the grocery list and the cost of a new sofa. It's time to change this situation and start talking again about the things that your partner cares about. Keep the conversation rolling and don't forget to share funny stories.

4. Ask what's on your spouse's calendar. Fears, beliefs, hopes and dreams are not the only things to be shared with each other. Daily details are also very important. Start every morning with asking your partner what's on his or her calendar. At the end of the day ask your partner, how was the day/meeting/important phone call. Show your attention and your partner will appreciate your love and care.

5. Treat your partner with respect and admiration in public. While in public give your spouse little signals, showing that you admire and respect him or her. It will make connections between you stronger. And never make fun of your partner in public.

6. Accept the things you can't change. There are certain things that irritate you in your partner, like leaving a wet towel on the floor, smearing ketchup on a table you've just cleaned or leaving dirty dishes in a sink. You can complain about it, but the things won't change. Instead of this repeat a secret prayer “I accept the things I can't change” and you will be amazed how your resentment goes away.

7. Schedule time for lovemaking in the morning. Love is a good way to end the day, but physical connection in the morning will make you both feel closer to each other all day long.

8. Don't forget about yourself. Before the marriage you had some dreams, but they never came true. You might have already forgotten about them and the daily house routine is everything you think about. Take time for yourself and start whatever you wanted. You need to have an interest outside of those you share with your spouse. This will make you more interesting to your spouse.

9. Improve yourself. You know that there are several things about you that your spouse dislikes. Demonstrate your love by improving yourself, because actions mean much more than mere “I love you”.

10. Find activities for both of you. Being bored with your family life is no good, so find something new, that would involve both of you. First you start it and then involve your spouse by asking for help. Garden, remodeling your bathroom, or a friend who gave you tickets to whatever – everything will be good for your intention. You will see, that you have something new to talk about and you spend good time together.



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