8 Romantic and Creative Anniversary Ideas

8 Romantic and Creative Anniversary IdeasYou live together for a long time and want to celebrate your next anniversary, that is going without saying. But if a bunch of flowers and a romantic dinner sound to you like a cliché, we can recommend you 8 romantic and creative anniversary ideas.

Idea #1: tie your anniversary to something. Choose something that your anniversary may relate to. It can be anything, even some trivia, like candies. Think how you could tie the theme of candies to your anniversary and celebrate it. The ideas are ranging from candy gifts for each other to a trip to a town of Hershey, PA. Your 9th anniversary is going to be pottery, attend a pot-making workshop. In fact you can bound your every anniversary to something!

Idea #2: throw a wedding reception. It's a good opportunity to “marry” your partner one more time. By the way, if originally you had a small wedding, now you can throw a party for your friends. Encourage them to wear the dresses of that era.

Idea #3: recreate your wedding menu. The idea for those, who can't throw a wedding reception party, but would like to remind themselves about that special day. Recreate your wedding menu with your spouse. Go shopping for the ingredients you need and enjoy a special cooking party. Really ambitious persons could try to recreate their wedding cake.

Idea #4: the anniversary just for two of you. Go to some quiet place where only two of you will stay to watch sunset or sunrise. A bottle of a good wine, cheese, a few croissants will be enough to make you survive till you see the sun going up or down the horizon.

Idea #5: travel. There are many places you'd like to see but you didn't have such opportunity. Now you have a chance. Choose any destination you want or your budget allows.

Idea #6: travel without leaving home. This idea is for those, who can't afford going somewhere even withing the boundaries of the country. However, there is a way out. If you both wanted to see some city, just order “City in a Box” and you will receive 5-10 items iconic for a certain city.

Idea #7: make dreams of your partner come true. Prove to your spouse, that you've been listening and know what they love or would like to do. If your spouse adores donuts from a bakery on the other end of your city, then get them. If you spouse always wanted to try skydiving, then make it happen.

Idea #8: relive your first date. Do you remember where did you go on your first date and what did you do? It's time to enjoy your first date again. Yes, you may have some obstacles, like the restaurant you went to is closed or you live 1,000 miles away from the city where you met. However, it shouldn't influence on your mood and the emotions you want to relive again.



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