How to Deal With a Friend Who Doesn't Keep Promises

How to Deal With a Friend Who Doesn't Keep PromisesFriendship is necessary for everyone. Our friends give us desired communication, help when we in need and just are fun to spend time with. However, there are some friends who have some annoying traits, like they never keep their word. How can you deal with a friend who doesn't keep promises?

One of your friends is a great person to spend time with: he or she is fun, talkative and will help you when you need it. But the thing that your friend never keeps promises really bugs you. You make plans, but at the last minute everything is canceled. Is this situation familiar to you? How many times did you have to change your plans due to your friend and get upset with that? Now it's time to change the situation.

First of all you have to think whether you need this friendship at all. You need friend that you can depend on to follow through with anything. But if your friend fails to be a reliable person, then, maybe you have a one-sided friendship. Your friend cares only about oneself, your priorities don't exist any more. If you think that your relations with your friend don't look like a one-sided friendship at all, but it's just his or her trait, then you can handle the situation by changing yourself or your friend.

If you don't want to change anything in your friendship, then just accept your friend the way he or she is. Your friend is already a grown-up and can make own priorities. If keeping promises isn't a priority, then just be fine with it and never rely on this person.

Since you know about a specific trait of your friend, then whenever you two start making plans, agree on two things only. The first thing is that you wouldn't mind doing something by yourself only, when your friend, as usual, changes his or her mind and cancels everything. The second thing is that you plan the events for many people. In this case you will be able enjoy the planned event with other friends of yours! Never agree on one-to-one event and you will be fine with your friend.

Here's also the way how you can make your friend learn a good lesson on keeping promises. Your friend is the same like a naughty 6-year-old kid, and you handle both of them the same way. Promise your friend something and then break it, because you have your own plans or thought it's not important anymore. When your friend complains that you broke your promise, then remind about another promise, that he or she broke. Children understand it very fast, unfortunately, with adults it may take a bit longer.

You may choose any way to handle this situation with your friend, but remember, that your friendship might be unequal. You friend may think of you that you're just a casual person or feels on higher rung on the terms of your friendship, that's why he or she acts like this. Some people can't be changed unless they want it, so try to spend more time with other friends of yours and enjoy your life.



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