How to Keep Your Wedding Flowers From Wilting

How to Keep Your Wedding Flowers From WiltingFresh flowers are the best decoration of your wedding ceremony, but due to mistreatment after the delivery or exposure to high or cold temperatures the bouquet and floral pieces start wilting. It's a real disaster for many brides. We have several tips on how to keep your wedding flowers from wilting to share with you.

The most common problem with flowers during the wedding is that they don't have enough water. Keeping your flowers well hydrated helps the blossoms stay in a proper condition. For flowers that don't sit in water all the time we would recommend you misting them throughout the day or put them in vases with water when they are not used.

Too high or cold temperature is also disastrous for the flowers. Before ordering the flowers at your florist, remind them about the temperature expected on the day of your wedding. The florist will help you choose the flowers, that will resist temperature the best way. Remember, that in winter all flowers have to be transported in plastic wrap, that will prevent their bruised appearance.

During warm weather events all floral pieces have to be placed in the tent not earlier than 30 minutes before the beginning of the ceremony. Make sure that your florist has enough time and discuss the time required for installation of every piece of floral decoration.

Carefully choose the floral arrangements in order to prevent flowers from wilting. You might want flowers on long stems, but they will lose their freshness very fast. Arrangements designed en masse or compactly with short stems will last longer.

Boutonnieres are the most commonly mistreated floral pieces, that's why order at least one extra just in case. Keep the boutonnieres in fridge in plastic wrap before the beginning of the ceremony. However, it's always better to store boutonnieres in florist's refrigerator, because it provides the right temperature for the flowers. Usual fridges provide colder temperature than flowers need for keeping.

Many flowers are known to hold their shape much better then others even without water. Remember, that hydrangeas, gardenias, tulips and peonies are the most difficult flowers to handle if they are exposed to warm temperature and direct sun for hours. Berries, rose hips, dianthus, billy balls, chrysanthemums, orchids, protea, berzillia are known to have lasting power.

Spring outdoor events are very often windy, that's why you need to use heavier containers. They are not likely to topple and will keep your table floral arrangements safe and well hydrated.

You see that there's a lot of things to keep in mind. In order to keep your flowers fresh and last till the end of the ceremony, listen to the tips your florist gives you.



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