How to Make a Sick Friend Feel Better

How to Make a Sick Friend Feel BetterWe always want to be close to people whom we love, when they are sick and need care and attention. However, sometimes it's hard to understand what you can do for your friend, while direct asking gives no result. In fact you can do lots of things for your friend. Here is a short list how to make a sick friend feel better.

Don't wait till you're asked and instead of this offer your help. You sick friend will appreciate it, especially if they are housebound. Take the dog for a walk, go shopping, cook a meal or even call the cleaning service to clean the house. Very often daily routine takes too much energy and time, and when everything is done your friend may relax and have some rest.

Think about people who give care to your sick friend for 24 hours. These people also need rest, and here you can help. Just tell this person to have some rest or do whatever they want or need to do, while you spend a whole day with your friend. Three sides will benefit from this: your friend, you and the caregiver.

Never forget calling your sick friend, even if you send messages. Very often people want to help but they just don't know how to start and deal with this situation, that's why they stay in the shadow and don't appear till their friend feels better. Don't be like that and call your friend to wish get well sooner and ask if some help is needed.

Become the wheels for your friend. There are plenty of places your friend might need to go, but it's dangerous to do on their own. Offer your friend to give them a ride to doctor's or take and pick up kids after school. It's simple enough: you spend time with your friend and help at the same time.

Come to visit your friend and always bring something with you. It may be a bunch of flowers and a vase that will be perfect for a bedside table. You can also bring something from your own garden or some food. Stick to something small, like bananas, a loaf of sweet bread, cookies. Anything that will make your friend feel better is good.

In case when you can't visit your friend, send something to them. A nice book you think your friend would like to read, a deck of handmade affirmation cards, a gift basket. You choose what your friend may appreciate! And if your friend is bed-bound in the hospital you can send a special gift, like soft pillow, soft slippers, lavender linen spray, foot massage cream. It can be anything that will make your friend feel pampered.

Watch movies together with your friend. You must know what kind of movies your friend likes, then why don't you spend some time watching them? It will make your friend feel better and forget about the illness at least for a couple of hours.

Chat more. Not a single person is defined by illness, that's why your friend stays the same. Chat and laugh more like it was before. You continue your friendship as well as they do as a part of give and take relationship.



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