How Can You Make Your Husband Help You Around the House

How Can You Make Your Husband Help You Around the HouseHouse chores become for women working full-time the “second shift”. They come home and start cooking, washing, cleaning, playing with pets, caring for garden, while men just relax. Use these tips to make your lazy husband help you around the house.

Husbands, who deny any kind of house chores miss a lot. If only they knew, that men who do washing up have much better time in bedrooms with their wives, than those who are lazy and leave all chores for their spouses. Dividing the chores is natural, because you all live at this place and you are responsible for the mess in here. Unfortunately, the husbands think, that only women should do all the work around the house, while their priority is hanging out with friends, watching TV and drinking beer.

First of all you have to discuss the possibility of sharing the chores with your husband. Choose the right time: you both have to spend a good day. Never do it after a fight. You can't just ask to help you with the chores, because they take too much your time and you get tired. You have to provide a stone proof, otherwise your spouse won't believe you.

Make a list of chores you do and count how much time it takes you to do them. Grade the chores from simple to difficult. Pass some simple chores, like washing-up, caring for a pet and making bed to your partner. Later you may add some other, more difficult and time consuming chores. Explain, that your partner should do them on a regular basis, not just from time to time. And show how much time you save.

For some hard chores explain your husband the best way that works for you. And don't be mad, if your spouse does something the way you wouldn't do it. It may be more difficult or take more time, but you have to be patient. In case if you're afraid that your husband might accidentally make things worse, give him only “foolproof” chores, for instance, washing only white clothes.

Never make your husband do chores he dislikes. Be flexible and if your husband doesn't mind taking away garbage everyday instead of doing washing up, why don't you agree on it?

We all express our gratitude for little curtsies other people do, but really often forget about it, when it concerns our spouses. Don't forget to tell “thank you” to your husband for the chores he does. Show your appreciation, and then you husband will feel, that the work he does is really important to you. Now you have extra free time and you can spend it together with your husband.



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