How to Handle Age Difference in Marriage

How to Handle Age Difference in MarriageSociologists say, that only partners of the same age have the most successful marriage, but the statistics show, that the average age difference between the spouses is about 6 years. However, modern society is open to more serious differences, like 25 years. These relations become more common these days and many partners face the problem of handling age difference in marriage.

Whether you're a young woman or and old man (and vice versa), you have to handle your marriage as any other. You will have the same problems that many couples have and find the ways to handle them. Don't focus your attention on age difference, however, keep in mind some issues that you will need to solve.

Men and women who have a big age difference usually enter into relations with each other because of their own expectations. For instance, an old man wants to marry a young woman just to give him a child. Young women marry old men due to their financial stability. It doesn't mean that there can't be any love between the partners, but it's based on their own expectations from the marriage.

If you're a younger partner, you have to admit the fact, that soon your spouse will need a constant medical care. The spouse won't be able to help you and participate in all those things you both enjoy now. So ask yourself, if you're ready to become a caretaker. If you don't hesitate right now, then think, whether you can change your mind in 5, 10 and 20 years.

If you're an older partner, prepare to be more mature than your spouse. Don't think, that your spouse looks at you as at a teacher and don't regard your partner to be a prodigy. You have no right to shape or mold your partner. We understand, that you have greater experience, but it doesn't give you right to criticize your spouse.

Never allow your age difference to stay between two of you. If you're concerned about something important, directly discuss it. Two different points of view – the wisdom of age and the possibilities of younger generation – may become a great tandem.

As in any other relations, two spouses need mutual interests, that will make their relations closer. Your mutual interests may minimize your age gap and make you two feel the same. Don't only share your spouse's interests, also meet his or her friends. Meeting people from different generations may be stimulating for both of you.

Although age difference very often becomes the reason for divorce, it doesn't mean that your marriage is doomed. There are many couples, who proved that their love and happiness doesn't depend on their age. If you find something that binds you together for the rest of your life, than your marriage will be successful, as marriage of people of the same age.



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