7 Things to Know About Dating a Geek

7 Things to Know About Dating a GeekGeeks might have been perceived as underdogs not so long ago, but times are changing. Geeks are becoming the new cool, and numerous geek dating sites only prove it. Here are several things to know about dating a geek.

No, not all of them have Asperger's. If “The Big Bang Theory” is your only source of information about geeks, you might think they all have serious problems with social interaction. Well, that's wrong. Geeks might be socially awkward, but it doesn't mean each of them has an autism spectrum disorder. If you get to know them you will learn they are quite talkative and enthusiastic when surrounded by people they are comfortable with.

Yes, you need to share at least some of his interests. A geek is a person strongly devoted to a particular interest (the most common ones are tech, sci-fi, science, comic books, video games). Of course, he would look for a girl who shares his interest. Don't worry if you don't know much about “Star Trek” or “Doctor Who”; if you date him long enough, you will definitely sit through a marathon at one point.

They are freakishly smart. When we say geeks are obsessed with their interests, we mean it. When they are interested in something, they want to know everything about it. They never stop learning and are happy to share their knowledge with people around them, not being condescending when someone doesn't known something. When you are dating a geek, you will never run out of things to talk about. Besides, intelligent guys usually have a great sense of humor.

They are passionate, loyal, and committed. A geek is really passionate about and committed to his chosen geekdom. This means he will be equally passionate about and committed to you.

They are true to themselves. Geeks never pretend to be someone else. They are who they really are, they don't go out of their way to become popular and don't seek other people's approval. It means that you will gate a genuine person. It also means you will be free to be who you really are, too.

They have good memory. Most geeks are good at remembering dates, so he will never forget about your birthday or anniversary. Moreover, they pay attention to small details and are resourceful and creative. So be ready to get really impressive, although somewhat geeky, presents.

They are relatively low-maintenance. Geeks don't care about fancy meals and designer clothes, so your boyfriend will be happy to order takeout, cuddle with you in your comfy clothes, and binge-watch “MythBusters”.



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