How to Save on a Wedding Gown

How to Save on a Wedding GownA wedding dress surely costs a fortune, but you will wear it for one time only. If you want to spend your money on something else and still stay a beautiful bride, then these tips on how to save on a wedding gown are made for you.

Simplify. There are many ways to save your money. Let's start from simplifying your dress. Don't hunt for some trendy designs and expensive materials, like beads and laces. Look for rather a simple dress without them and it will save you a lot of money. By the way, if you can find a mere white dress that isn't a wedding gown, you can also buy it. Add your accessories and your bridal outfit is ready.

Avoid alternations. Look for dresses that you like the way they are, because every custom alternation will cost you a lot. Don't transform any dress to your likings, just buy it the way it is.

Look for discounts. Many bridal salons have mega-sales in winter and summer. And if you've set an eye on some designer's dress, you can have a discount up to 80 percent. The brides who wear a size 8 are the luckiest, because they don't have to battle to crowds. And never go shopping on the first day of sale, unless you want to be a part of a crazy crowd of brides.

Store sample. In case you couldn't find a discount, find a discontinued dress and your dress will be very cheap. The stores that can't order a discontinued dress any more have to get rid of their floor samples. By the way, buying a floor sample of a dress that is still possible to be ordered will also save your money. Be careful and watch for stains that potentially can be permanent, any visible wholes or tears.

Contact other brides. Many brides often change their mind about their dress when it arrives and want to buy a new one at the last minute. Of course, they don't need their dresses and will try to sell them. Used gowns are also sold, so contact other brides and look for a dress you like. It will be perfect, if you and the other bride will have the same sizes, then you won't have to change almost anything.

Hire a dress maker. Bridal salons are very expensive, so you can save if you hire a dress maker. You will have a custom wedding gown and it will be decorated the way you want it and with the materials you choose. When you see the bill, you'll be surprised with the price!

Corset. You can avoid some alternations with the dress you like, if you take a corset. Corset backs look beautiful and they are easily adopted to your own measurements. By the way, a corset will accommodate any changes of your body when you come closer to your wedding date.

Ask for substitutes. Some materials are very expensive, so you'd better avoid using them. Or use them, but not entirely on your dress. If you order a dress, ask to decorate only the top and leave the skirt as it is. You can also ask if some cheaper materials can be used. This way you will have a dress of your dream and pay less for it.



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