How to Choose Your Maid of Honor

How to Choose Your Maid of HonorMaid of honor is considered to be bride's right hand. She will help the bride to organize many events and choose the dress. She will be there to comfort the bride, when something goes wrong. It's honorable title for the chosen person, but a nightmare for the bride, because she has to make a right decision and never hurt feelings of others. If you don't known where to start, here are some tips on how to choose your maid of honor.

Choosing bridesmaids is really hard, because you'd like so many friends to attend your wedding. But choosing maid of honor is even harder. You may find it difficult to choose between two best friends or a friend and a sister or a sister-in-law. Moreover, you understand that you choice may hurt some people, for instance those, who once chose you to be their maid of honor. You feel like you have to reply back, but really don't want to...

Let's try to make your list of presumable maids of honor as short as possible. Cross out all people, who are not really close to you. Leave here your best friends and family members. Now think, who of them you feel closest to, who you need to support you, who would you ask for advice and without whom would you be nervous? Usually this simplifies the solution, but what if you still have two people: a relative and a friend?

There is no general rule, that a relative should be a maid of honor, that's why you can choose your friend. At the same time blood is thicker than water, and your choice may improve your future relations with you sister-in-law.

When you choose your maid of honor think, whether she will be able to participate in all activities and help you with your wedding. If your sister, whom you'd like to see a chief bridesmaid, has just given a birth to a baby, she won't have enough time to spend with you. We're sure that she will be happy with a small role of a bridesmaid.

Maid of honor usually pays for her dress and has some other expenses regarding your wedding, that is also has to be counted. Can your presumable maid of honor afford this title? Maybe, she's going through a tough time and counts every penny.

Now think about the character of this person. While you wait for you wedding, you may become a real bridezilla. The situation will be even worse, if your maid of honor is a dramatic person. She will only add to your level stress when something goes wrong. So choose a calm person, who will be able to make decisions without being nervous or shy.

Although the term “maid of honor” originates in the UK, where it used to name the female attendant of a queen, today many brides choose their male-friends or brothers to give this honorary title to. If you're one of them, then don't hesitate and name your man of honor!

If you still have problems and can't chose between two people, then have two maids of honor. It's not prohibited. The only thing you will have to do is to divide their responsibilities, so the girls don't fight. There is also another way to solve a dilemma with two persons for the title. Make your sister a matron of honor and let your friend to be a maid of honor.



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