10 Biggest Wedding Budget Mistakes

10 Biggest Wedding Budget MistakesBrides usually make big mistakes considering the planning of the wedding budget. You could save your money and nerves and at the same time have a wedding of your dream, if you learn about the biggest wedding budget mistakes.

Mistake #1: booking anything before you set your budget. There are many things to be set for your wedding, but remember that haste makes waste. So never book anything before you don't set the budget with your fiancée. Only then you can meet a potential vendor and book everything you need or want.

Mistake #2: inviting everyone you know. Too many guests mean too much spending. Think that for every guest you have to set up many things and this needs extra money. Make sure that you have a limited number of guests and these people are those ones, who truly matter.

Mistake #3: expensive wedding favors. Don't waste money on expensive wedding favors, especially with monograms. At some day your favor will be thrown away, so think about something cheap and useful or tasty. A jar of jam, box of bonbons or a cupcake are cheap and perfect as favors.

Mistake #4: paying a full price for a wedding gown. It's stupid to buy an expensive dress that you will wear for one time only. If you like some designer dress, think about buying it used. You can also keep an eye on local bridal shops for sales.

Mistake #5: forgetting to set a part of a budget aside for overage. It's always a good idea to set some money aside. There could be some extra spending and you already can afford it!

Mistake #6: ordering out-of-season flowers. The out-of-season flowers always cost a fortune. Think about the floral decoration of your wedding with seasonal flowers. This will look more natural and at the same time fantastic.

Mistake #7: booking a day in peak wedding season. You know that some months are very popular for weddings. The prices are too high. Book the wedding outside of typical wedding season and this will save you money on everything!

Mistake #8: sticking to “should”. You need your napkins match the tablecloth, that's the rule, but considering the rest of the things only you chose what's important for you. If you think that you can live without a two-minute ride in a fancy car, then omit it. All those “shoulds” might cost you a fortune, but do you really need them?

Mistake #9: trying to impress other people. You might have been impressed by the menu your friends had, and this makes you order delicious, but very expensive lobsters or filet mignons. Don't let the others' choices affect you and only then you can really stick to your budget.

Mistake #10: trying to do everything yourself. If you try to handle all yourself, you don't have time to look for some economical choices. You just stick to the first thing you've seen or heard and pay for it. Let the wedding planner help you. Yes, they come with their own costs, but hiring one would let save your money.



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