How to Overcome Fear of Change

How to Overcome Fear of ChangeThere are many fears in your live, including fear of change. The changes may concern anything in your life: end of relations, promotion at work, moving to other city, divorce, marriage and having a baby. You're afraid of your own future and just fine with what you have right here and right now. It's time to overcome your fear of change and start moving forward.

The fear of change lives only in your head and it's nothing more than an emotion, controlling your life and your perspective. Take a closer look at your fear and you will see, that it regards only your future. You have no fear of your past or present, because you know what's happening or happened. But your future is murky, and here you start drawing terrible pictures of what can happen to you if you do or don't do something. These pictures make you sick and don't let you do anything to change your life.

Get over the fear of change by changing your mind about the future. Don't look at it as at something dreadful. Be rather curious about what happens next. Make it simpler and focus on the facts what changes will bring, instead of drawing terrible scenarios in your head.

It's true that every person has a fear of change, but many learned to live with it instead of overcoming it. Don't try to fight it. It's impossible to get rid of a certain emotion. Just learn to live with it and incorporate it into your daily life and plans. Have a look at people, who, as you may think, have no fear at taking risks. They are afraid that something might go wrong, they will be broke etc. But they known how to embrace uncertainty. It let's them move forward instead of paralyzing from making any decision.

Believe that you can get over the fear of change. But let's make a deal: don't be a blind believer! People who have a blind faith rely on anything or anyone in the world and do nothing to change their lives. It's God's will, you may say, but it's not really this way. Be a real believer, take some actions, change yourself and your life.

Believe in yourself and the fact that you can deal with any situation. You might have already missed so many chances that life gave you, because you were afraid that you would fail. Every new situation is a new challenge that makes you stronger than before. If you're afraid to make a first move, then think about some unexpected situations that you had before. You were dumped, your car got flat tire, you were fired. But in the end you were fine. So why should you be afraid of intentional changes in you life, if you could deal with unexpected situations?

Never let other people shake your faith in yourself. There is always someone who doesn't want you to change your life, because they also have fear of change. So don't listen to them and just do what you need to do.

It's hard to change yourself in one day only, that's why start with small steps. Everyday do something to reach your global aim. Small steps lead to big changes!



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