How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

How to Choose Your BridesmaidsChoosing attendants of your wedding can be a nightmare, especially,when you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and respond to someone's invitations. Relax and breathe deeply, we will help you figure out how to choose your bridesmaids.

According to the wedding rules one usher per 50 guests is normal, while there is not a single word about the quantity of bridesmaids. In general you may choose up to 12 bridesmaids and have one maid of honor.

Your first wish is predictable: you want to include to the list of bridesmaids all your girlfriends. But you have to remember, that the more isn't the merrier. The more bridesmaids you have, the greater the potential to have some complications. Moreover, think about the place near altar. How many people can fit in there? Don't think about the symmetry, but about your relations with others and wedding budget. So start crossing out the names of certain people from your list.

Making the right choice is a hard job, that's why begin with your relatives and give them preference. If you have close bonds with your sister or sister-in-law it's natural to see her among your bridesmaids. She even can be the maid of honor. When you finish with the relatives in you list, move to your friends.

Consider, how many close friends you want to see at your wedding party. At this point you need to understand, that not all of them will accept your invitation due to their own life problems. Someone may have not enough money to pay for bridesmaid's dress or is too busy to help you with your wedding. So don't be offended, if someone won't agree or later change her mind about the participation. At the same time remember, that some people would do anything to become a bridesmaid and if you really don't want to see them at your bridal party, then even don't invite them.

And what if you have a male friend, whom you'd like to invite? There is no rule forbidding this and today many couples include members of opposite sex to stand by them. Considering the guys on the bride's side they will be called bridesmen or attendants, while women on groom's side are called groomswomen.

Having the equal number of people from each side it's not a general rule. Symmetry is not so important, that's why don't worry, if your groom has only one usher and five girls stand behind you. It's not a dancing night, where everyone should have a pair.

One more question to be answered: is it possible to have two maids of honor? Yes, you can do it, but in this case you have to tell each of them their roles – who's holding the ring, bouquet, signs in the certificate etc, otherwise you won't avoid the quarrels.



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